21 houses of Gandhiji, Anandiben Patel’s son-in-law have finally been vacated

Many houses have been demolished

After the formation of a committee to investigate Anandiben’s son-in-law, Modi and Bhupendra Patel’s government surrendered

Dilip Patel
Ahmedabad, June 24, 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)

Chapters are opening against Anandiben Patel’s son-in-law and daughter. There are 21 buildings in and around the Gandhi Ashram which were directly or indirectly occupied by Jayesh Patel. The government has forced most of those houses to be vacated. Because the repair of the Sabarmati Ashram worth Rs 1200 crore has started here.

21 houses illegally occupied by Anandiben Patel’s son-in-law Jayesh Patel have been vacated. Whatever happened after Gandhiji was destroyed. These 21 houses were forcibly occupied by Jayesh Patel for the last 30 years. By making a seat for Gandhiji and pressing his nose, their houses are being vacated and demolished by the government.

In which the investigation was handed over to retired government Vinay Vyas and Charity Commissioner YS Shukla. In which the scam of repeatedly selling the lands of Harijan Ashram Trust controlled by Sabarmati Satyagraha Ashram is being investigated. In which a police officer helped.

This is considered to be the biggest operation of the ashram. Because Jayesh Patel is the husband of Anandiben Patel’s daughter Anar Patel.

Land of Ranip

An organization named Nashabandi Mandal located at Lal Darwaza sold a piece of land in Ranip for Rs. 12 crore 88 lakhs which was bought from Prakash Agarwal, partner of Kaila Karoli Developers.

Actually this land belonged to Sabarmati Harijan Ashram Trust. Which was sold repeatedly.

After the fraud in the land came to light, Nashabandi Mandal demanded money back from Prakash Agarwal.

For not paying the money, Nashabandi Mandal President Vivek Desai filed a complaint against Prakash Agarwal.

The police department asked the crime branch to investigate. Where the complaint was lodged.

After joining as the president of Nashabandi Mandal since 2021, Desai examined the documents and came across a sale agreement signed by the old president and trustees of the organization in February 2013 on a stamp of Rs 100.

The land was sold in the agreement by Kanaiyalal Sitaram Nayak and Karsandas Soneri, the then president of Nashabandi Mandal. Prakash Agarwal, the lead partner of Kaila Karoli Developers, was the underwriter of the agreement.

The land of Ranipani Saraswati Education Trust was dealt for 10.70 crores. In which Nashabandi Mandal paid a total of 12.88 crores through different cheques during the year 2013 to 2015.

Dhanjibhai Jadav and Dhanji Parmar, managing trustees of the education trust between Saraswati Education Trust and Prakash Agarwal, gave the authority to Nashabandi Mandal to sign the document agreement on a stamp of Rs 100.

Even after taking the money, Prakash did not document the land. That land belonged to Sabarmati Harijan Ashram Trust. A case was going on in the High Court regarding this. The sale was not documented as the approval of the Charity Commissioner was not obtained. So when the Narcotics Control Board canceled the deal and asked Prakash to return the money, he gave 13 cheques. But the cheques were not asked to be deposited as there was no money in the bank account.

In this case, the involvement of Anandiben Patel’s son-in-law Jayesh Ishwar Patel has been used by the police to vacate several buildings looted from him in Gandhi Ashram.

Nashabandi Mandal has been working to free people from alcohol and drug addiction in Gujarat since 1960. Gujarat Nashabandi Mandal was founded in 1960 by former Prime Minister and Gandhian Morarji Desai. But here Jayesh Patel’s addiction to money and power is falling at the behest of the BJP leader.

Dispute for 11 years
The matter of Gandhi Ashram’s Ranipani land was raised by four MLAs in the Gujarat Assembly 11 years ago. Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister then. At that time Anandiben Patel herself was a minister in the Modi cabinet. Later, with Modi becoming the Prime Minister, Anandiben Patel became the Chief Minister. She did not take any decision regarding this land. The dispute was suppressed. But when Amit Shah became the Home Minister, he started action against Anandiben’s relative.

Survey No. 361, 362 and 366 in Ranip area of ​​​​Ahmedabad city were fraudulently sold to the Board of Trustees of the Sabarmati Harijan Ashram Trust. Mansana MLA Amit Chaudhary, Jamnagar North MLA Dharmendra Jadeja, Thasra MLA Ramsingh Parmar and Balasinor MLA Mansingh Chauhan raised questions in the Assembly, cornering Modi and Anandiben Patel.

The Law Minister replied that the land was sold with the approval of the Charity Commissioner with the knowledge of the Board of Trustees. Therefore, the question of who and when bought the land illegally and whether the government will take any action does not arise. The Modi government tried to escape by saying this.

IT raids

Before Diwali, the Income Tax Department raided Ahmedabad. The place where the raids were conducted is linked to the company of the daughter-in-law of former Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel.

Jayesh scam

Two weeks after the raid on an IT company in Ahmedabad, the Gujarat government ordered an inquiry into the trust scam of Anandiben Patel’s son-in-law Jayesh Patel. A special investigation team has been formed for this.

Out of the 104 acres of land of Sabarmati Ashram built by the Father of the Nation Gandhiji, Harijan Ashram Trust has so far sold 40,000 square meters of land to builders at the price of water without the approval of the Charity Commissioner.

Pressure of Jayesh Patel
Jayesh in Gandhi Ashram

Jayesh Patel suppressed or destroyed 21 properties of Gandhi Ashram. The new ashram which is being built now is being slowly vacated. Tapasya

The AS team has found many irregularities for this. In which the fraud of trust fund was also investigated.

This team has found out the details of land, funds, property and illegal activities and has found out the nose of Jayesh Patel. 21 properties looted in Gandhi Ashram have been vacated. Because the renovation of the ashram is being done here at a cost of 1200 crores

Safai Vidyalaya
The white school built by Jayesh Patel’s father will have to be vacated. Now it is being demolished. Because it was built in a wrong way after Gandhiji’s departure.

Ishwar Patel’s black suit
Information about Ishwar Patel started coming to light from 1966. After the death of Gandhiji’s last follower Parikshitlal Majumdar, there was a ruckus of thousands of rupees in Fala. All these accounts were with Ishwar Patel. Evidence was also given to the Governor. But then the scam was covered up forever.

Wealth worth crores

Ishwar Patel won the lottery and then he had property worth billions. A huge farm was bought on the banks of the Narmada Canal in Sudhad between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Unjha came empty handed, he illegally occupied the Gandhi Ashram.

Parikshitlal Niwas Sthan

Among them, Gandhiji’s property and Parikshit Bhawan were looted and the Gandhi Ashram’s name and traces were started to be erased. In 2001, with the help of the permanent BJP government, the Harijan Sevak Sangh took over the trust. Anandiben Patel, a minister in this government and friend of Ishwar Patel, helped him a lot. She opened a sanitation school in Parikshitlal’s house. Statewide contracts were obtained for the construction of sands. In which allegations of fraud have been made. Then his heirs Jayesh Patel and Anar Anandi Patel took possession till 2024. Now it is broken. This house has been vacated from Jayesh Patel.

PTC College Pachavi
Ishwar Patel PTC. A building of Gandhi Ashram was given to the Principal of the college. Jayesh Patel has not vacated the Pradhan residence. The building was kept suppressed. Which has been vacated. Charity Commissioner could not do anything.

Kanu Modi’s house
Kanubhai Modi used to live in a house of Gandhi Memorial Museum. He retired and after his departure it was occupied by Ishwar Patel and it is still occupied by his son. Now it has been vacated. Where the government trust has taken possession. I will maintain it.

Jayesh Patel also destroyed the kitchen where Gandhiji used to eat collectively. It has been vacated. Which is being renovated as a memorial building. Jayesh Patel will have to leave his possession.

7 houses vacated
Iqbal Suthar filed an application in the High Court to vacate Somnath hostel, Nandini House, kitchen of Somnath hostel, three houses of teacher residence, Bal Mandir.

The old girls hostel building facing the river was also demolished.

Ghirubhai Pubiya was given a house to live in by Jayesh Patel.

A notice was given to vacate the building but nothing happened.

Three houses of Sabarmati Harijan Ashram Trust were occupied by Ishwar Patel. By issuing a circular on 18 January 2002, Ishwar Patel was removed from the post of trustee of Sabarmati Harijan Ashram Trust and he was declared a mere tenant. However, nothing was done about it.

Manav Sadhna

Manav Sadhna Trust was running illegally in Gandhiji’s house. Jayesh Patel has done it well. Which should have been returned to Gandhi Ashram. But it was not done. Now it will have to be vacated. On 10 February 1995, the trustees of Manav Sadhna Trust were at home. Bhupendra Patel’s government is not ready for investigation. Thus this trust of a private person was illegally occupying and using the house near Gandhiji’s heart place. In which large scale vandalism has taken place.

Environment Institute
Sabarmati Harijan Ashram Trust’s Managing Trustee and former MP Natwarlal B. Parmar wrote a letter to the Charity Commissioner on July 16, 2001, demanding the closure of Ishwar Patel and Jayesh Patel’s Environment Convenience Institute registered in 1985 and Manav Sadhna Trust registered in 1995 in house number 136 of Gandhi Ashram. Started without the permission of the Managing Trust. In 2001, a demand was made for investigation of the funds from the Harijan Trust. Which was never investigated. Still the BJP government is hiding those details.

Samdhan Society
Ishwar Patel took the land to build houses for the poor and Samdhan Company P. Rativ So. At that time this building was built without any documents. He also had two other plots.

Ashram School
Ashram School is occupied by Jayesh Patel, the building has also been tampered with. Jayesh Patel has occupied this institution of Gandhiji. Gandhiji stayed here for some time. A Khadi weaving school was established here by Gandhiji. Which is now being run by the private trust of Manav Sadhna Jayesh Patel. The situation has come to such a pass that it has to be vacated and given to a government trust. (Google translation from Gujarati)