Scam of crores of rupees of BJP’s associate agencies under the world’s tallest Sardar statue

Kevadia, Narmada, 2 December 2020
Crores are being scammed under the world’s tallest 182 meter statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai near Sardar Sarovar on the banks of Narmada River, Gujarat, India.

Details have come to light that some agencies are scamming crores of rupees as they are slowly starting to privatize business activities across the region. There is a scam of 4 to 5 crores with the government. His investigation is likely to expose other scams.

Some projects including zoo, flower valley ‘boating-rafting, sea-plane’ have been handed over to the BJP agencies on the pretext of public participation. It has been the policy of the BJP to cancel the tender till the BJP workers or those associated with the BJP get a government job. The people of BJP are given work only after getting it. Many such works have been given throughout the state. A classic example of this is the projects near the statue of Sardar Patel.

The parking of tourist vehicles in Kevadia is three km. are removed. Its parking charge is charged. From there, the bus of Sardar Sarovar Nigam is arranged in such a way that tourists can be routed. Cash is charged for parking and some other places.

Some agencies have been contracted to charge entry fees to the Statue of Unity. Some agencies have been contracted to charge other fees, including parking. The agency handed over a fee of lakhs of rupees to another agency, which spends millions of rupees a day at HDFC Bank in Vadodara. Bank deposit scam has come to light. The government has a scam of 4 to 5 crores.

The slip book containing the money has been lost. Incorrect description of expenses has been presented. If this scam is investigated, another scam of crores of rupees is likely to come to light.