Victory of the poor people of Nani Nal village against the world’s richest man Adani

Ahmedabad, June 24, 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)
The Gujarat High Court has asked Adani to return the village’s Gauchar land. 170 hectares of Gauchar land given to Adani SEZ in Kutch will have to be returned to the village. There was a controversy over the Gujarat government giving Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to Adani Group on the valuable Gauchar land in Navi Nala village of Mundra taluk of Kutch.

A bench of Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal and Justice Pranav Trivedi questioned the decision of the government and the Kutch Collector. How can you give pasture land for other work? You should have thought seriously before taking such a decision. The village’s Gauchar land cannot be given for any other purpose. The government’s decision is not correct in any way. The collector has done illegal work.

He told the government lawyer that you are the representative of the Gujarat government, you should not advocate for Adani. You should follow your (government’s) policy and if there is any mistake, you should correct it.’

The government had rejected the proposal by showing readiness to give land 7 kilometers away. How will the cattle walk six-seven kilometers? The High Court has given two weeks to correct the mistake.

The suggestion of the Additional Advocate General to restore 107 hectares of pasture land of Nal village to its original status was rejected. First of all, it should be considered whether alternative land is available for grazing. You should take any decision only after making arrangements for this.

The government’s affidavit was rejected. Action should be taken if there is no guarantee. The High Court rejected the defense presented by the District Collector of Kutch.

Land not returned

In more than one case, the Supreme Court had ordered that Gauchar land cannot be allotted for industrial or non-industrial purposes. It should be used only for animal fodder.

On 18-09-2015, the Government of India ordered Adani Port and Adani SEZ in Kutch district to renovate the port and SEZ. Return the Gauchar land taken for it by running against it.

But even after 10 years, neither Adani returned these Gauchars nor the government seized them. Why can’t the land of Adani Port, Adani SEZ be taken back?

Land worth Rs 5 crore to Adani
Bhupendra Patel’s BJP government admitted that when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister, it had given 5 crore square meters of land to Adani. In March 2023, the Gujarat government admitted that Adani will get 5 crore square meters of land in Kutch for two to five rupees. Government and Gauchar land has been given for grazing cows.

BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have good relations with Adani. The BJP government has also not taken any action against Adani Group companies. Only attention letters are written.

Congress Deputy Leader Shailesh Parmar did not ask a question in the Assembly. Five crore square meters of land in Mundra taluka of Kutch was given to Adani for free. Adani has given 12 thousand 500 acres of land for Special Economic Zone in Mundra at a nominal price of two to ten and a half rupees.

The BJP government does not give plots for houses to the poor.

Mundara dispute says

Adani Juth was allotted land for SEZ in 2005. On March 26, 2028, the villagers demanded the return of land from Adani to get back Gauchar through resolution number 1-5-20. 300 acres of land of Mundra was given to Adani SEZ. Even after 13 years, the land is lying vacant.

Resolution of Panchayat

Mundra Gram Panchayat and Gram Sabha demanded the return of animal grazing land from Kutch Collector. In the Gram Sabha, Panchayat member Bharat Patalia had passed a resolution that there should be 40 acres of Gauchar land for every 100 cattle. Currently, there is no Gauchar available in the village. According to the 2011 livestock census, there are about 5000 cattle here. So land is needed for that. The proposal was supported by Alansir Khoja.

28 years ago, there were 700 villages in Gujarat where there was no Gauchar. In 2023, there are 2800 villages where there is no Gauchar. It takes about 800 years for an inch thick layer of soil to form. Whereas cities, industries, agriculture, rain, storm and water take only a few moments to uproot an inch of soil.

Land was not given to 103 villages of Kutch without Gauchar. The standard is 40 acres of Gauchar per 100 cows, but there is less Gauchar in 9029 villages of Gujarat. There is no Gauchar in 2800 villages. Most of the 1165 villages in Banaskantha district have less than the minimum Gauchar.

Cows and bulls are not able to graze due to lack of shepherds. BJP and RSS are agitating to save cows and cattle. Cow politics is done in elections. But Gauchar has not been nurtured. Crores of square meters of Gauchar land of 50 villages are sold to industrialists every year.

There are no Gauchars in 3 thousand villages. If there were Gauchars in 3 thousand villages of the state, shepherds would graze about 10 thousand cattle in it and get one lakh liters of milk daily and valuable manure for agriculture from it.

Mafia’s occupation of Gauchar is a major reason for evacuating the villages. There have been protests regarding cattle in Gauchar. The government eats up the Gauchar of 50 villages every year. Political mafias have become unbridled. In just three years, the government sold 129 villages of Gauchar to companies. The government is giving 50 villages of Gauchar to companies every year.

In Gujarat, 5 crore square meter Gauchar feet was captured by the mafia. Now the government and companies are imposing Panchayat Act by becoming mafia

There are 5 lakh hectares of land to industries

The government cannot take Gauchar land. If it has to be taken, then the permission of the village people and the Gram Panchayat has to be taken. In the whole of Gujarat, the lands reserved for cows are being snatched and given to industrialists.

5 lakh hectares of land to industries

By 2012, BJP had given 4.10 lakh square meters of Gauchar land to industrialists. By 2017, 1.92 lakh hectares of Gauchar

It is alleged that the land was sold. 5.5 crore square meters of land worth crores of rupees to Adani Company for port and special economic zone. Gauchar was also included in the land given. The surrounding villages are disappearing. It is estimated that by 2019, 5 lakh hectares of land has been given away.

15 percent of the villages do not have space for grazing cows

In 1980-81, there was 8.50 lakh hectares of Gauchar. In 1990-91 it was 8.45 hectares, in 2012 it was 8.50 lakh hectares against 2.50 crore livestock. In 2014, 7.65 lakh hectares of Gauchar land was left. In 2014, 9.33 crore square meters of Gauchar land was under pressure. Currently, there is no pasture for 2.71 crore cattle.

Pressure on Gauchar
The pressure has increased by 470 percent in 6 years. In 2012, 1 crore square meters of Gauchar land was under pressure. On March 15, 2016, 3.70 crore square meters of land was under pressure. In the last two years, the pressure on Gauchar land under the BJP government has been unprecedented. The market value of one thousand hectares per hectare is Rs. If 30 lakh is considered the minimum, then a Gauchar land scam of Rs 300 to 600 crore has taken place in a single year. In 2019, 4.90 crore square meters of Gauchar has come under pressure. Thus, under the Rupani government, the pressure on 1 crore meter Gauchar has increased to 5 crore. In which 2 crore square meters of land has been compressed in Rupani’s district Rajkot. This land has gone to BJP leaders and workers. This directly affects the population of the village. The population of the village decreases. In which some villages become empty. (Google translation from Gujarati)