Gujarat government has developed a tool to kill ultra-fine organisms like Corona in 10 minutes

Ahmedabad, 17 April 2020
In just 10 minutes the ultraviolet radiation device was created to kill the insects on anything. This tool is good for preventing contagious disease from the corona virus epidemic. This tool is better than Social Distance. If the item becomes sterile, it can prevent disease. I create is an autonomous organization owned by the Government of Gujarat at Dholera, Ahmedabad, which has developed this X-based tool.

This is considered to be a unique event and invention for Gujarat.
Common consumables such as masks, mobile phones, currency molecules, keys, grocery items and vegetables can be sterilized with this device. In just 10 minutes the device 100% sterilizes the surface of any substance.

i-Create Institute’s young scientist has created a device as part of the project. Red Carbon Technologies Hub’s Prasen Vinturkar is an innovative way to keep things sterile. As a scientist and researcher, they created a radiation-based device using various resources at i create. This device disinfect the object by ultraviolet rays.

A wave length of 260 nano meters breaks or fractures the RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxy ribonucleic acid) of any bacterial or bacterial organism.

‘This device will be useful in microbial transitions and in everyday life. Radiant rays are harmful to humankind and to the eye. It is imperative to use the device cautiously.

According to Anupam Jalote, CEO of i-create, i Create (International Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology) operates on a 40-acre campus in Dev Dholera, Ahmedabad. I create is an autonomous body owned by the state government. Startups in India help transform startups into entrepreneurs.