Terrible ordeal – Earth’s magnetic field is weakening

The earth is undergoing a dramatic change. Very dangerous changes are taking place in its subconscious. The earth’s magnetic field has weakened over most of the earth. The magnetic field is so weak that it would be difficult for a plane to make contact if it flew over the area.

In a very large 10 thousand kilometer part of the earth from Africa to South America, the magnetic field has weakened. The strength of the magnetic field is reduced to 3000 kilometers below this field to the outer core of the earth.

Normally it should be 32 thousand nanotaslas. But from 1970 to 2020 it has come down to 24,000 to 22,000 nanotaslas.

This information was obtained from the European Space Agency (ESA) satellite swarm. Due to the weakness of the magnetic field on this part of the earth, it can be difficult to communicate with satellites and flying planes located above the ground.

The Earth’s magnetic field has declined by 9 percent in the last 200 years, scientists say. But there has been a significant decline in the magnetic force from Africa to South America. Scientists call it the South Atlantic anomaly-incompatible.

Because of the earth’s magnetic field, we are protected from radiation from space. With the help of this power, all types of communication systems like satellite, mobile, channel etc. are working.

Inside the earth is a flowing ocean of hot iron. It is about 3000 kilometers below the surface of the earth. It keeps going. Its rotation creates an electric current from inside the earth, which is converted into an electromagnetic field.

There have been some studies recently that the Earth’s magnetic north pole is changing its location. This pole is going from Canada to Siberia. This is caused by the circulation of hot molten iron.

Changing the Earth’s North Pole

The region from Africa to South America lacks a magnetic field. This has weakened the magnetic field in the area. That is, the effect of radiation coming from space in this area may be greater.

Matzka, a researcher at the German Research Center, said the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellite was built. So that he can accurately assess the earth’s magnetic field. In the last few decades, the magnetic field in the region from Africa to South America has been declining rapidly.

The biggest issue is that we have to find out how big the changes will be due to the change taking place in the center of the earth. Will it cause any major catastrophe on earth. Earth’s magnetic field usually changes every 2.50 lakhs years. But there are still many years left.