6 thousand patients of thalassemia in Gujarat, age increased, TB most deadly

Thalassemia, 6 thousand patients of TB are the deadliest
May 9, 2023, Ahmedabad
There are 6000 thalassemia patients in Gujarat including 700 in Surat. World Thalassemia Day is observed every year on 8 May. Many children are born with congenital thalassemia due to lack of awareness about hereditary blood disorders like thalassemia. In comparison, 1.70 lakh cases and 1000 patients die every year due to TB cherry disease in Gujarat.

Blood donation camps are run by the Red Cross Society of Ahmedabad. But along with this she is also doing a noble cause for Thalassemia patients. Red Cross Society is also providing free treatment to Thalassemia patients for the last 20 years. Around 1000 Thalassemia patients are receiving treatment in this institute over the years. From a 2-month-old child to a 33-year-old youth are coming to the Red Cross for the treatment of Thalassemia.

Thalassemia eradication campaign was started in 2008 by Red Cross to stop the spread of Thalassemia across Gujarat. Under which one of the couple is examined for thalassemia major or minor. If thalassemia of the fetus is found after investigation, abortion is done.

The Red Cross Society conducted 3.4 lakh tests on couples in 14 years and prevented the birth of 580 children. The average life expectancy of thalassemia patients has also increased in Gujarat. In Gujarat in 2008, when a thalassemia patient lived barely 25 years, in 2023 their average age has become 30 years. Vadodara is estimated to have 600 to 800 thalassemia patients. Organizing free check-up camps for children has increased the life expectancy of Thalassemia patients in Gujarat.

Monthly expenses Rs 6 thousand
Thalassemia patients undergoing treatment in government hospitals get transfusion and medicines free of cost. On an average, a private hospital costs around 6 thousand per month. If a patient lives an average of 30 years, he needs an average of 600 units of blood. Giving free chelation pills to Thalassemia patients, free blood transfusion, Red Cross Society Rs. Filters ranging from Rs 800 to Rs 1200 are being offered for Rs 100. In thalassemia major, these cells break down, so the patient needs frequent new blood transfusions. As iron builds up in this process, chelation drugs are needed to remove it.

The prevalence of thalassemia in Gujarat is highest among the Lohana, Sindhi and Muslim communities at 15 to 17 percent.

The disease, which manifests after about six months, is treated with life-long blood transfusions, vitamins, folic acid, and aryl chelators, and can be completely cured with a bone marrow transplant. But this treatment requires advanced setup skills and huge cost, research is currently underway on ultra-advanced treatments such as gene transplantation, in which the patient’s thalassemia gene can be replaced with a normal gene to make it normal. Receive through blood bank. In Gujarat, children in rural areas receive inadequate treatment as compared to urban areas.

Thalassemia is a genetic disease. The body cannot make enough hemoglobin. Red blood cells in the blood contain a protein called hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to every part of the human body. The bone marrow between the bones converts this iron into hemoglobin. The bone marrow of a person with thalassemia cannot convert iron into hemoglobin. Due to which other parts of the body do not get enough oxygen. The functionality of the organs decreases. As the body parts of Thalassemia sufferers become weak, they have to face many problems and diseases.

Thalassemia is generally of two types. Thalassemia minor and Thalassemia major.

Thalassemia minor occurs when a child inherits a chromosomal defect from either parent. Thalassemia major occurs when both the parents of the child have a chromosomal defect or abnormality.

minor and major
Thalassemia minor is also called thalassemia carrier or thalassemia carrier. A healthy person can have thalassemia minor. About 4 to 5 crore people in India are thalassemia carriers. 80 percent are not aware of this. Getting tested for thalassemia is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life and his or her family’s future. Thalassemia minor is not a disease but a chromosomal disorder, while thalassemia major is a life-threatening condition. If both husband and wife have thalassemia minor, their child has a 25 percent chance of having thalassemia major. Apart from this, if one of the spouses has thalassemia major, then the child’s chances of having thalassemia major also increase. About 10,000 children are born with Thalassemia Major every year in India. Generally, due to lack of blood in the body of Thalassemia Major, blood has to be transfused regularly every 2 weeks, only then it can survive.

bone marrow transplant
There is no permanent cure for thalassemia major other than a bone marrow transplant. Thalassemia minor test should be done before marriage or pregnancy. A minor should not marry a minor. If the marriage takes place unknowingly, then the unborn child should be examined. Legal abortion is mandatory if the baby is of an older age.

First introduced by the Thalassemia International Federation (TIF) in 1994 by TIF founder Panos Anglejos along with his son George

It was launched in memory of J Anglezos.

This day was celebrated.

Working for 15 years for Thalassemia from Gujarat. Thalassemia test is done for pregnant women coming to all government hospitals. What about private hospitals?
77 lakh pregnant women have been screened, out of which more than 500 thalassemia affected fetuses have been prevented.

Thalassemia screening of students has been started in the university with the help of charitable organizations like Red Cross Society of Gujarat, Thalassemia Awareness Foundation and Thalassemic Gujarat. 6 out of every 100 students were found to be Thalassemia minor. Thalassemia rates are high in some societies or communities in Gujarat. This is community screening. In Gujarat, 40 lakh people are tested for Thalassemia at the rate of 2 to 3 lakh per year.

Children need 15 to 60 bottles of blood
Normal hemoglobin should be above 12. Children whose hemoglobin is up to 5-6 need blood every month. Children with thalassemia require 15 to 60 bottles of blood transfusions per year. Blood donation camp is organized. Hemoglobin is a very important element in the blood cells in human blood, which carries oxygen in the lungs to various parts of the body, keeping the body functional and healthy. The redness of the body depends on hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin has four chains. In which the series named α-alpha, β-beta, γ-gamma and δ-delta are found. If the ratio of these four is correct, then the age of blood cells is 90 to 120 days. There are genetic diseases. In which the genes present in the chromosomes are responsible for the disease.
This type of disease occurs when the amount of hemoglobin chain decreases. For example, if there is a defect or deficiency of α-chain in the child’s body, then that child gets the disease of α-alpha thalassemia, which is very rare. Thus, if the body of the child lacks or deficient in β-beta chain then he/she gets β-(beta) thalassemia disease, which is a very serious disease and is seen in very high proportion in the world. 3% of the total population of the world and in South East countries (India-Pakistan-Sri Lanka-Bangladesh) 5 to 10% of the population of these countries have the thalassemia gene. Its condition is found more in the country of India, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab.


In a country called Cyprus, the disease has been completely eradicated by the government, people, science and law. India became polio free in 2013, now it can be thalassemia free.

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