7 lakh patients treated in 7 days in 1.35 lakh beds in villages? How many deaths?

Gandhinagar, 8 May 2021
1.35 lakh beds have been provided in 15 thousand community covid care centers in 248 talukas of 33 districts of the state. In which people are undergoing treatment for 1 to 7 days. 7 lakh people can also get treatment in a week. The high death rate in rural areas has increased the pressure on the government to direct these committees to list the dead. Because there are reports of an average of 5 to 100 deaths in a village in a rural area.

The state government and village committees have set up community covid care centers in the villages to keep people in the village who have common symptoms like cold, cough, fever segregation as well as to distribute their housing, medical kits.

In rural areas across the state, such Community Covid Care Centers have been set up in village school campuses, milk committees or community farms or in large vacant houses under the guidance of the District Development Officers in collaboration with the team of TDOs and their village leaders And young.

In Gandhinagar district, 286 Community Covid Care Centers have been set up, including this center in Arsodia, with a total capacity of 4585 beds. 2924 bed facilities have been set up in 466 Community Covid Care Centers in rural Ahmedabad district.