8 thousand corona patients benefit from Ayurvedic medicine in breath and cold, no complete treatment

Gandhinagar, 24 April 2021

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of AYUSH in Ahmedabad Civil, the team of Akhandanand College has been working for Ayurvedic treatment for the last 1 year. Surendra Soni, head of the department of medicine at Akhandananda College, says that Ayurvedic treatment has been helpful in treating the coronavirus.

At Civil’s Dedicated 1200 Bed Hospital, we are providing Ayurvedic medicines to coronary patients as an adjunctive treatment method a year. Which we have got a positive result.

With this trio of Ayurvedic medicines, Ayush-64, Sanshamanavati, Yashtimadhu Ghanvati, prescribed by the Ministry of AYUSH has brought relief for many coronary patients.

So far 5214 corona warriors and more than 8000 corona patients have been treated with these drugs. Ayurvedic decoction includes various medicines. Infections are distributed in corona wards as well as corona warriors aimed at boosting the immune system. Which we have got a positive result. Many patients and Corona warriors have received reactions that accumulate nine energies.

The root cause of corona virus is associated with cold, cough and lung infections. In which the above medicines have proved very beneficial. He said that the three drugs have given effective results in many diseases like cold, any kind of cough, sore throat, loss of appetite, indigestion, shortness of breath.