Sprinkling of milk on agricultural crops increased production by 25 percent, cost reduction by 25 percent


Gandhinagar, 28 April 2021

Veljibhai Budia 9426991112, a farmer from Kutch, Gujarat, who has been farming in Kutch Madhapar for 53 years. Many are known to do experiments in farming. He experimented with spraying milk on agricultural crops and achieved incredible results in 7 years. Sprinkling 250 mg of fresh cow’s milk in 15 liters of pumped water on any crop at the time of flowering increases production by 25% and also reduces costs.

Milk spray acts as a disinfectant and also nourishes plants. This is how poison and nectar works. They have been experimenting with milk for 7 years. No such experiment has been conducted in India. This is the first use of Veljibhai in the field of agriculture. In which farmers are earning crores of rupees and agriculture has been done without chemicals.

He was suddenly inspired to sprinkle milk. The mole of Dhirubhai Amipara, a farmer in Kandorna, was spoiled. He tells Veljibhai that he wants to destroy the mole. But Veljibhai asked the mole to take the cow’s milk instead and sprinkle it through the pump. Within 3 days, the dried sesame crop turned green. When the second spraying was done in a week, the mole was good.

When used on all crops, they were beginning to get good results in each.

In all viral diseases, cow’s milk is a good treatment. Virus is a major problem in chili crops.

For each type of disease, spraying 250 ml cow’s milk in a 15 liter spray pump gives beneficial results.

Cumin crop has yielded unimaginable results. The world is now in a position to stop poisoning by experimenting with milk.

Agriculture has been ruined by the use of pesticides and chemicals. Veljibhai, who has been farming for 53 years, used 800 bags of urea or chemical fertilizer in a year. Haven’t used chemicals for 20 years. Only do natural farming.

Sprinkling of milk works wonders in the disease of Kurmi, Dermatitis, Headache. Milk works in all cases of mango disease or sugarcane disease.

The farmer of Dhirubhai Amipara 9824478876, Jam Kandorna, contracted a black spots scald in his field. Who did not have any medicine. But if he sprinkled milk on the disease, the mole got better. The mole that was to be uprooted and harvested has a good yield.

Gujarat Agricultural University does not accept this. But now thousands of farmers are implementing it. A pump costs Rs. It is 10. On April 26, 2021, onions cannot be grown in such heat, but even in such heat they have onion crop in the field. Which is based on the treatment of milk. In January, he sprayed on the crop of wheat seed, kabuli chana. Good production was.

Bharatbhai Parsana, a businessman and farmer from Rajkot, got 250 in a 15 liter water pump on 97263999999. By mixing 100 grams of jiggery in milk, is campaigning in the village.

Cotton, beans, sesame, vegetables, roots whose crops are infected with chicken, milk fixes it immediately. Milk cools the virus.

As the crop prepares for flowering, sprinkling of milk and jaggery increases the brightness of the flower. Nice flower comes. Crop of the crop becomes good. Health remains good.

If it was sprayed in cotton this year, it produced plenty. Not a single farmer in the vicinity got so much yield.

The flower is deep and the fruit grows. Production increases by 25 percent. Weakness gets better. Contact can also be made at Vanthali 9824598738, Madhavpur-Porbandar 9898525085, Suratwala 9824297255.