A mango costs Rs 1,200, controversy arose over its success in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 17 June 2021
There has been controversy regarding the planting of the Noorjahan mango. The price ranges from Rs 700 to Rs 1,200 per mango. But it is cultivated by 3 farmers in Kattiwada of Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh. It is not cultivated much as compared to other farmers, so its popularity does not increase as it is not commercially successful. However, some farmers have announced to plant 5,000 mango saplings in Saurashtra this monsoon. So the controversy has intensified.
Mansukh Suvagia, a social activist campaigning for the conservation of indigenous varieties of mango, says that the mangoes of Noor Jahan are tasteless. Not a single piece of it can be eaten. There is neither sweetness nor any kind of test in it. They don’t even eat mango donkeys. It’s very dull.
“I warn the farmers of Gujarat not to grow this mango in Gir, Valsad and Kutch,” he said. which is bigger in size. So people’s attention goes towards that. But those who have eaten opium or saffron mango, native to Gujarat, never eat this mango. Because in this the test is like spitting from the mouth.

Nur Jahan has announced to manufacture and sell 4,000 articles in Gir. A businessman has announced to make a garden. But farmers have appealed not to grow it in view of its price and size. Known as the “Queen of Mangoes”, “Noorjahan” mango trees are widely grown in Saurashtra this monsoon, but have not been cultivated successfully.
In Gujarat, 1.66 lakh hectares of mango orchards were planted last year with 1.2 million tonnes of mangoes. There are 40,000 hectares of saffron mango orchards in Saurashtra. South Gujarat has 12 thousand hectares. In Gujarat, saffron mango is found in 60 thousand hectare area and opium mango is in 70 thousand hectare. But other varieties have not been successful. Nor is Noor Jahan not successful.
When the demand picks up, the price of the fruit can reach up to Rs 500. It is written by Financial Express.
Some trees of Nur Jahan, a common species of Afghan origin, are found only in the Kattiwada area of ​​Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The fruit of Noorjahan can be up to a foot long. The weight of one fruit can exceed 2 kg. Book its clause in advance.
Flowers have started coming from January. Its fruits are ready by the end of June. The average weight of the fruit is said to be about 2.5 kg. Somewhere between 3.5 and 3.75 kg.

Extremely sensitive to seasonal fluctuations. Growing up like a small child needs care.
Most of the newspapers and TV channels of the country have published the news of Noor Jahan’s spirits. But no one asked why agriculture did not grow when there was such a huge income. Why have only a few farmers been sowing for years?
Because Noor Jahan mango is not running, it has not been planted. Only 3 farmers have mangoes in Alirajpur.
According to a newspaper named G Bijnesh, when booking a mango, the cost of one fruit is Rs. Weight is two and a half to three kilograms. Along with Madhya Pradesh, the neighboring country of Gujarat is also more among those who have booked Noor Jahan Kerry. 3 Noorjahan mango tree bears a total of 250 fruits.
A farmer from Gandhinagar offers mangoes for Rs 1,200. It is also considered as the favorite fruit of rich families in the country and abroad. She was a powerful queen of the Mughal period.

It is grown in Kathiwada, 250 km from Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. Which is also close to Gujarat. In cities like Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, mangoes were selling for Rs 700 last year. Noor Jahan is the most expensive in the country.
Israeli mangoes produce 50,000 tonnes of mangoes annually in the global market. There are patents and they are not grown in other countries. Mango cultivation started there in 1920. Mango production in India is 15,026 tonnes.
There are about 100 mangoes in a tree.

This mango is cultivated by 3 farmers in Alirajpur. Every farmer declares Noor Jahan as the award winner. Its size is important, not its taste.
RR Virdia, a retired scientist working for mango in the Department of Horticulture at Junagadh Agricultural University, says that there is no regular planting of Nurjahan mangoes in Gujarat. There are also some trees in Madhya Pradesh. Its great fruit is its attraction. Show that its weight is 3 kg. Also, its average weight is around 700 grams. A tree bears very few fruits. That’s why it weighs more. Noorjahan Kerry has no commercial importance. People who want to sell its articles are more likely to promote it. Because Noor Jahan’s mango is not running, it has not been planted. In Alirajpur only 3 farmers have mangoes.