Ban on sale of land for construction of Olympic stadium in Ahmedabad

The land around Ahmedabad cannot be on lease or lease, the government’s big decision
Gandhinagar, 17 June 2021
In order to make Ahmedabad a sports city, the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority has reserved the land of the surrounding villages at the behest of the state government. These lands can no longer be sold to any person or organization. Cannot be rented or leased.

The lands that have been reserved include Chandkheda, Motera, Jundal, Bhat, Koteshwar, Sughad and Koba areas. All these lands come under the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, so the Gandhinagar Urban Development Authority has also been informed about it.

The world’s largest stadium has been built in Ahmedabad. The government plans to build another sports complex around the stadium. The government is already preparing for the Olympics and other international games, for which the government needs land, so it has to use government land.

The Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority has announced a tender and decided to appoint consultants for the promotion of sports as well as infrastructure construction. Auda has issued an order banning government land in seven villages around Sardar Patel Spots Enclave. This means that the revenue department of the government will neither be able to sell nor lease the government land of these seven villages. Cannot even give on rent to any organization.

AUDA has written to the district collectors of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad saying that all government land in the village has been restricted for sports activities and hence no land will be given to any organisation.

Since Ahmedabad is to host the Asiad and Olympic Games in the first phase of sports activities, sports complexes will be constructed at this location. The venue has been chosen as the Narendra Modi Stadium is adjacent and the airport is also nearby. Auda will soon float the tender for the sports complex and the agencies will decide.

This is an exercise to make Ahmedabad a sports city at the international level. The future plans will be announced by the central agency and the central government as per the advice of the advisors. Till the final plan is approved, the District Collector will not be able to sell or lease any government land in these seven villages. If any action is taken it should be stopped immediately. Five star hotels will also be built at this place.