A sealing machine has been set up in Gujarat to close the seams of PPE kits

Rajkot, 11 May 2020
India’s first hot air seam sealing machine has been developed to completely protect the personal protective equipment PPE used for the protection of doctors-paramedical staff with specialized tape. A machine designed to protect the PPE kit with hot air seam sealing tape providing 100 percent protection.
When the PPE kit is ready, its sewing needle is about 2mm in size and about 0.5mm in size. As a result, if the infected patient’s blood or fluid enters the kit through tiny holes left on the kit, the doctor-paramedical staff treating the infected may also be infected.
The latest technology to seal the holes left in the seam on the PPE suit-kit has been developed in Rajkot using specialized tape using this hot air seam sealing machine.
The holes left in the sewing process in the PPE kit are sealed using this tape to make the PPE kit water and air proof to resist the virus.
There is not enough availability of such hot air seam sealing machine in Gujarat so it has to be imported from abroad. The cost of such a machine imported from China-Korea is Rs 8 and the delivery period is 12 weeks.
Such a machine can be manufactured at 50 per cent less.
In 20 days, a team of 100 persons-workers has built the first hot air seam sealing machine in India with 80 per cent in-house parts.
With the guidance of the doctors of Indian Medical Association Rajkot Branch, 200 such hot air seam sealing machines have been manufactured in the first batch in a very short span of time.

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