How many times was Somnath destroyed? Celebrated 70th Pranapratishthadin

Somnath, 11 May 2020

Special Maha Puja of Somnath Mahadev was performed with social distance on the occasion of Pranapratishthadin in “70” of Shri Somnath Temple.

May 11, 1951 A special Maha Puja of Somnath Mahadev was performed on May 11, 2020 on the occasion of Pranapratishtadin of Naroj Somnath Temple. Pray to Somnath Mahadev of Vishwakalyan for freeing the world from corona. In the evening Somnath Mahadev was adorned with garlands.

Prayers are offered here for the welfare of the world, but the Somnath temple was attacked and looted several times.

When and how was the robbery committed?

The last renovation of the Somnath temple, the first Jyotirlinga in India in the religious field, was decided by Sardar Patel in 1947 after it fell into ruin. It was completed in 1951. The new temple has been attracting devotees from all over the world for the last more than 50 years in the form of Mahameruprasad.

Saurashtra has been famous for its five gems since ancient times. A saying about it is popular Saurashtra Pangharatnani, Navi, Nari, Turandam: Chaturthe Somnath, Panghamam Darivarnanam is thus famous for five gems like Saurashtra river, Nari, Ashva, Somnath’s temple and Ranchodrayji’s temple in Hari Dwarka darshan of Hari (Krishna).

350 dancers
This temple of Somnath had 56 pillars of teak wood. Above each was the name of a different king of India. Every day a bouquet of flowers from Gangajal and Kashmir used to fall on it. One lakh Hindus gather in lunar eclipse times. There were 350 dancers dancing in the temple and ten thousand Brahmins worshiped there daily. Ten thousand villages were given for the maintenance of the temple.

War between Hindu Rajputs
After Vishwavarah, his son Graharip came to the throne of Junagadh. He built the fort of Uparkot in Junagadh. The power of Graharipu was greatly increased. So he used to harass the pilgrims of Somnath passing through Sorath. His complaint was lodged with Mulraj Solaiki of Anhilpur Patan. In vain, he decided to paint his mustache with Graharipu’s blood.
Ghazni demolished the Somnath temple on 6 January 1062
When Bhimdev first lost and fled the capital, Mohammad Ghazni easily captured Anhilpur Patan. From there the army attacked the Somnath temple (January 6, 1026), but the local Rajputs could not capture the zinc of the Muslim army. Somnath fell on 8 January 1016.

Fifty thousand Hindus were killed in the massacre carried out by the Muslim army. Mohammad Ghazni looted the temple and got diamonds, jewelery, gold and silver worth Rs 10 crore. He tore the Shivling of the temple into the doorway of the Ghazni mosque. Were shattered. So that people can clean their feet and go to the mosque. Albefani has noted. Alberuni visited Somnath twice before and after the invasion.

Muhammad Ghazni had placed Dabishalim as his governor in Prabhaspatnam. This was the first bead in a series of Muslim invasions over the temple of Somnath.

Another five attacks
Then AD 107, 1318. It was again attacked in 1395, 1511 and 1520. Mahmoud means worthy of praise. But for Mohammad Geez, Dewan Ranchodji uses the word ‘Nammood’ which is not worthy of praise. After this victory, Mahmud returned to his homeland. Died in 1030.
At the time of Muhammad Ghazni’s invasion, the Rajput rulers of Saurashtra-Gujarat were engaged in a mutual conflict and they had eroded their power in the mutual war. There was a situation like “home, burst home”. He did not face this foreign and heretical invasion of his territory as an equal crisis. So this magnificent and prosperous temple of India was destroyed and the reputation of the rulers of Gujarat-Saurashtra and the merit of the soldiers was damaged. Fell. The invasion became a lesson for the Hindu monarchs and as an immediate result their internecine wars ceased even for a short time. Rajput Ra ‘Navghan was on the throne in Vanthali when Muhammad Ghazni invaded Somnath. (AD 1025 – 1044). He shifted his capital from Vanthali to Junagadh in the last years of his reign
In the thirteenth century the power of the Chudasama rulers began to weaken. Is. Ra ‘Mandlik was the first ruler from 1260 to 1306. During his reign In 1299, Alauddin Khilji’s army destroyed the Somnath Temple, the Madhavraya Temple in Madhavpur, the Bileshwar Temple in Barda, and the Jagat Temple in Dwarka. But later Mandlik defeated the Muslim officer of Prabhaspatnam and appointed Vijaldev Vaja as his representative there. Mahipal IV (1308-1325 AD) then re-established Somnath’s gender. His son Ra ‘Khengar IV (1325 – 1352) befriended other dynasties like Zala, Gohil of Saurashtra and strengthened the Rajput power in Saurashtra and expelled the Muslim subah from Sorath. Thus for the first time Prabhaspatan and Somnath came under the rule in Chudas.