Why Chief Minister Rupani had to threaten for illegal water connection, read the eye-opening report

Gandhinagar, 7 October 2020

People with unauthorized tap connections in the municipal area of ​​the Gujarat state can be authorized by paying Rs 500, otherwise the tap connection will be cut in the near future by the administration with a fine of Rs 5000. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said this. There are no more than 2 million sewerage or tap connections in 250 cities across Gujarat. The chief minister now threatens not to provide tap connections as no one is willing to pay and on the other hand talks about tap connections in 100 percent of the households. Plans to legalize illegal tap connections do so with no response due to high fees. An amount of Rs 500 per connection is validated for a connection of half an inch. This amount is up to Rs. 2500. Illegal tap connections have been talked about, where home taps were to be provided.

According to the 2011 census, Gujarat had 1.5 million households with no piped water supply. The Gujarat government announced on 17 July 2019 that 25 lakh households did not have taps.

Illegal connection in 2 million homes

There are 20 lakh illegal tap connections in Gujarat. There are 5 lakhs in Surat alone. In addition to the fixed rate of half inch of tap connections as on 31 December 2020, Rs. An amount of Rs 500 is to be paid. Har Ghar Jal Yojana started from August 2019.

Illegal tap of 1.5 lakh in Mehsana

Out of 5.10 lakh houses in Mehsana district of Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, 3.67 lakh taps are connected. Water was being supplied illegally to the remaining 1.43 lakh households.

8 lakh illegal tap connections in ahmedabad

The owners of 107 houses of the Indravihar Society of Odhav in Ahmedabad had applied for a connection by paying Rs 53,500 for Rs 500. He is given a legal connection. It is estimated that 8 to 10 lakh households in Ahmedabad do not have a tap connection. Illegal connections were made at 240 service stations in Ahmedabad during a week. So what will be the situation in the whole of Ahmedabad. In Ahmedabad from April 3, 2018. As of May 2, 2018, the official report of ‘unfit’ water samples has been released. Which included polluted drinking water at 214 locations in the city. Before the water should not come, the polluted water was needed, but now to earn money, the vaap of illegal tap is being designed.

In Rajkot, 70,000 families live without tap

In Rajkot under Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, 70,000 households do not have drainage connection. It is mandatory for the taps connection taker to get a drainage connection first. There is no drainage connection in 70 thousand houses. Vijay Rupani has not thought about how dirty it would be to deliver tap water to 5 lakh homes all over Gujarat where there is no sewerage connection. Nothing was done to provide a sewer connection. There will be dirt and an epidemic will spread. How many illegal taps will be A is a matter of estimate.

5 lakh tap connections invalid in Surat

In Surat, a 5-square-meter or half-inch tap connection costs around Rs. The cost of Rs 4000 for 16 to 25 sq m was Rs 1000, it would cost Rs 1500 instead of Rs 600 for 26.6 sq m, it would cost Rs 2000 for Rs 51 to 100 sq m and it would cost 101 instead of Rs 10,000. 200 square meters. There are about 5 lakh illegal tap connections out of 17 lakh tap connections in Surat city.

Rs.5600 recovery 

More than 450 tap connections have been found in Kadi municipality illegally drawing water. Rs 8.50 lakh was recovered from 152 illegal water connections. 5592 was recovered from a connection.

4 thousand illegal connections in Jamnagar

About 4000 haunted tap connections have been discovered by 14 teams led by PC Bokhani, Jalkar Adhikari, Jamnagar Corporation.

Police complaint for water in Dwarka

Asha Budhabha Bhattade of Goriari village of Dwarka received Rs. Bharatabha Jethabha Manek stole water worth Rs 60,000. Mithapur police had filed a complaint against 9 people for damaging government property worth Rs 3.50 lakh. The offense was registered under sections 430, 431, 114 of the IPC under the Damage to Public Property Act.

Improved 18%

Between 1991 and 2001, pipe-to-water penetration in Gujarat increased by about 18%. Wasmo was awarded Rs 258 crore in 2018 for a tap connection. 92% compared to 74% of the national average pipe supply.