Abhay was suffering from rare scoliosis disease, Ahmedabad Civil Hospital donated life

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civil hospital

At the age of 15, Abhay had a very rare scoliosis. It is found in 2.5% of the world’s population and 0.4% in India

Ahmedabad, 26 February 2021

Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad has made history by successfully treating 18-year-old Abhay Radadia with a complex treatment of the rare disease scoliosis. A disease called scoliosis occurs in 0.4% of people in India. The disease is more in men than women.

At the age of 15, Abhay Radadia, a resident of Buffalo in Junagadh district, was leading a normal life in sports and studies like other children.

Abhay had excessive curvature in the spine of the waist from birth. Gradually the problem started deteriorating. There was difficulty in movement and sports. After Abhay’s family failed several private hospitals and orthopedic doctors, he finally underwent treatment from the Spine Surgeon of Ahmedabad Civil.

For the operation of scoliosis disease, the age of the patient must be the same as that of an adult. So Abhay’s family had to wait 3 years for the operation.

The operation became possible after Abhay was 18 years old. Medical Superintendent of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Dr. J. V Modi and his team operated on Abhay.

Dr. J.V. Modi says that the incidence of scoliosis is only 2.5% worldwide. While the incidence of this disease in India is 0.4%.

The disease is usually seen at 60–65% of the surface level. But at (lumbar) level the incidence of this disease is low i.e. 35-40%.

It costs 8 to 10 lakh rupees in a private hospital. Civil hospital has free family meal. Abhay is completely healthy now. (translated from Gujarati)