55 lakh pages of Gujarat budget on mobile app, not CAG report or Assembly live telecast  


Gandhinagar, 26 February 2021

To get citizens to get the state government budget from public money, a mobile application has been designed by Finance Department – Gujarat Budget. The budget will be presented in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly on March 3, 2021 with the approval of Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Nitin Patel. This is Gujarat for the first time in the country.

There will be no CAG report

Assembly proceedings will not be released in Praja Tantra. In fact, millions of pages of documents submitted to the assembly could be submitted in this app. In particular, it was necessary to submit the report of the quiz and the state government scam, the compote a need auditor general – CAG, the report of the committees with the gaggle of officers. But I did not.

Will be 5.5 million pages

Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Nitin Patel said that when the first budget was presented in the Legislative Assembly in 1961, the number of budget publications was 60. 73 publications will be published in the budget for the year 2020-21. The number is 5.5 million pages. Now that the budget publications have come into digital form, 20% of the budget i.e. 15 books-publications will be printed as required. Paper made from a tree will survive.

Live will not be broadcast

We are not living in the assembly in Gujarat. The proceedings are broadcast live from the Parliament and 18 Legislatures of the country. But in Gujarat, live telecast is not allowed. Entering the assembly premises with a camera is also prohibited. There was a need to live with this application. With the application, the account of the government’s money is also required to be live.

Adventure of Nitin Patel

Launching the Gujarat Budget mobile application, Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Nitin Patel said that the budget will be introduced in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly on 3 March 2021. Budget documents can be obtained from this mobile application. Nitin Patel’s effort is good. There is no such prophet in India.

27 Account Budget

All the budget-related documents of previous years will be available in Gujarati and English language.
Which has five sections. The Budget Publications section contains the annual financial statements, budget of income as well as detailed budgets and publications of 27 departments.

Important aspects of the budget such as budget brief, budget highlights in Gujarati and English.

The Budget Speech Handbook will include Part-A and Part-B of the Finance Minister’s Budget Speech.

There is interesting information about the budget.

News about the budget will be given briefly. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. (translation from Gujarati)