According to Psychological Bhawan of Saurashtra University, antibodies are made in this way

June 16, 2021

Everyone is doing everything possible to prevent the spread of corona virus. Therefore, those who have recovered and defeated Corona are being especially alerted. Doctors are also giving warmth, rest, enjoyment and entertainment along with medicine for mental strength. Because only lightness of mind can free you from negativity.

If the mind is healthy then the body is healthy. If the mind is happy then the heart is also healthy. Along with this, immunity also remains powerful. Dr. Yogesh Jogsan, Head, Saurashtra University Psychology Bhawan, has given a detailed understanding of the antibodies that cause coronary heart disease. When the mind is happy, antibodies are produced in the body of the person whose brain is functioning with dopamine. Not only medication, injection, or Ayurvedic treatment but mental factors also have an effect. Which does not allow the person to get infected with the virus. If a person gets infected, with the help of morale, it helps to get him out of that situation.

How many aspects of strengthening the heart and brain that make antibodies?

Close, personal, special friends who ruthlessly joke on the phone if not face-to-face, reminisce about bygone days, change clothes while lolly, gulp or sip tea, like beetles in school and college days ahead – Turns around. drowned

Favorite videos, movies, old photo albums that are fun to watch. Stomach doubles while laughing

There is a lot of tension in my mind and a friend says, plant saplings man… everything will be set. I don’t….

Even if you don’t know how to sing or dance, start singing dirty songs like a beginner. jump start

Our dear man-husband says that do you take tension? Let’s solve the problem together, I am with you, so what is there to worry about?

Joking, making fun of friends and laughing and smacking cheeks, boosts the immune system.

When little kids look at us at home and say mommy…daddy…they stick around like monkey cubs, it creates antibodies.

The kids are big and tell us, brother, don’t cheetah. You live your life happily. Shout in the middle of the night when needed, make your grandchildren proud.

When sick, the body recovers. If you have a priceless human life, then live a happy life in a meaningful way.