Farmers of Gujarat learned from resourceful mathematics that despite good rains cotton prices in Corona will not will be good

Gandhinagar, 9 August 2020

The business acumen of the farmers of Gujarat is amazing. He knew that the trade industry would collapse because of Corona. Therefore, the cotton wire industry will not be booming in the coming months. Therefore, its commercial consumption is not going to last. Knowing this, farmers reduced the cultivation of cotton. Last year, 24.70 lakh hectares were planted on August 4, while this time, on August 5, 2020, 22.50 lakh hectares of cotton has been planted. 2.20 lakh hectares of field has been reduced. Which is 10 percent compared to last year. Due to good rains, cotton should have been sown in 30-32 lakh hectares this time. During this time in 2018, 26.58 lakh hectares of cotton was grown. In this way farmers have planted by looking at the wind. However, last year farmers did not get good prices of cotton. There is also a commercial reason for this.

Mostly cotton is grown in Amreli and then Surendranagar. Bhavnagar, Morbi and Botad lead the line.

The total area under cultivation is 22.50 lakh hectares. Of which, 15.33 lakh hectares are cultivated in 11 districts of Saurashtra alone. Saurashtra accounts for 68 percent of the total cultivation in the state. Out of the total cultivable area of ​​98 lakh hectares in the state, 25 percent cotton has been planted. Critically, the area where cotton is grown is 100 percent irrigated.

Due to good rains this time, it is expected to harvest 550 to 570 kg of cotton per hectare. It is expected to produce 70.13 lakh tonnes to 71 lakh tonnes of cotton. China and other countries will reduce purchases of cotton wire. If it had been planted in 3 million hectares, it would have grown to 10 million tons (or lumps). Then the prices would have decreased. The farmers are getting only 900-1100 rupees in return for 1600 rupees, which they have been getting lower prices since 2014 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come due to the anti-farmer policy of the central government.