CM Rupani and Minister of Education, Chudasama’s politics, Ahmedabad closed, school college started

Gandhinagar, 20 November 2020

Gujarat Education Minister Bhupendra Chudasama has once again announced to start Secondary-Higher Secondary School-College in the state from November 23, 2020. On the day, the weak Chief Minister Vijay Rupani decided to impose curfew in Ahmedabad for 3 days to reduce corona patients, at the same time the Education Minister announced to start Ahmedabad’s school.

Politics – Rajhath

Thus, the Chief Minister and the Education Minister are running separate governments. It is clear that this does not happen between the two. The Education Minister is politicizing against his BJP government. His announcement is that Education Minister Chudasama is challenging the Chief Minister’s decision himself. Bhupendra Chudasama said that Gujarat will give the message that corona can be avoided by starting schools and colleges and taking care.

How many students

There are 1,22,789 students in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation schools. There are 1.20 lakh students of standard 10-12. There are a total of 3.60 lakh students with universities. Those who are at risk. There are 20 lakh students of standard 10 and 12 in Gujarat. Gujarat has 1 crore students. Disease can also spread among family members upon coming home from school.

Who benefits

After extensive digital talks with all the district education officers, school administrators in the state as well as vice-chancellors of government and private universities and senior officials of the Department of Education, he reiterated that schools and colleges reopened from November 23, 2020, Will go The Education Minister said that this decision was taken at the state cabinet meeting on 11 November. Education Minister Chudasama stressed that private schools benefit colleges from tuition fees. Because 80 percent of private school colleges belong to BJP leaders or people associated with BJP.

Task force

Task Force has been constituted at district, city and taluka level to comply with SOP. DEO, Government, Granted, Grant in Aid and Self Supporting Schools, Colleges, Universities. Starting schools will not stop online education. Attendance is also optional. Parent’s consent form is required to be obtained.

Control room

Students are present, how many parents have agreed, information is given at the state level in 3 days. The control room has been started in coordination with the district collectors. Schools and colleges will not be started in any area. Then why risk is changed in Ahmedabad. Thermal guns, mandatory masks, sanitizers, health center hospital facilities should be kept near the school. Remedial education will be arranged. Capacity building will also be done for the Health Sanitation Program.

Corona risk

According to the data given by the government, the state of Gujarat has more than 16100 active cases. Infected patients are currently not receiving hospital beds. The Ahmedabad Civil Cancer and Kidney Hospital also has a bed facility.

BJP government is not paying attention to failure

The Gujarat government is concerned about education in Corona but does not pay attention to its extraordinary failures in education. BJP has been in power in Gujarat since 1986 for 25 years. The quality of education has deteriorated. Instead of allocating 6 percent of government revenue for education, Gujarat spends only 1.5 to 2 percent on average.

These are the 10 points that BJP leaders need to focus on.

1- The level of quality of education is dangerously low. It does not appear to have improved much. The literacy rate in the state has increased from 69.14 percent in 2001 to 78.03 percent in 2011. Which should be 100 percent.

2 – Gujarat’s ranking in education has come down to 18 as compared to other states. 5 percent of 11- to 14-year-olds still do not attend school.

3 – 47% of students studying in 5th standard and 23.4% of students studying in 8th standard in government schools cannot read second standard Gujarati book in their mother tongue.

4 – 83.9 percent students in fourth-fifth grade and 65.2% students in 8th grade cannot do simple division.

As per the 5 – 2016 report, Gujarat was ranked 21st and 27th respectively in students’ performance in Mathematics and English. There is no improvement in this day.

6 – The annual fee for primary education in private economic school factory ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh. Make education in Gujarat free like Delhi.

7 – Study Without Stress – is just a slogan written on the wall. Reduce the burden of children.

8 – Gujarat has 6 institutions of national importance, 18 state-run universities, 4 agricultural universities, 3 central universities and 19 private universities. Yet not a single national is the best. fix this.

9 – 136 engineering colleges were affiliated to Gujarat Technological University. Of these, only 17 colleges receive government grants and 87 percent are self-sufficient. The government itself opens colleges and provides good quality free education like the Kejriwal government in Delhi.

10 – Out of 71 thousand seats in engineering, 27 thousand seats remain vacant. People believe that improving education and providing employment to youth.