After Panjab, farmers of Surat once again hooked Adani and Modi

Dilip Patel
Gandhinagar, 12 May 2023
The railway line, which started in 2010 for industries in Hazira near Surat, has now been changed for the third time because of the farmers’ agitation. Earlier Adani had to build this railway line.
Ministry of Railways has approved Gothan-Hazira new 50 km broad gauge line project in Surat district as a ‘Special Railway Project’ in place of the old route. For two years, the farmers of Supat, Gujarat protested vigorously showing unity. Gujarat’s Bhupendra Patel’s BJP government, Surat resident BJP state president CR Patil, railway head Darshana Zardosh, Gujarat’s former agriculture and energy minister and current forest minister Mukesh Patel and Adani company have had to accept defeat in front of farmers’ struggle. Just as Narendra Modi apologized to the farmers of Punjab, in the same way, after the victory of Punjab, the farmers of Surat showed their victory by continuously fighting against the Narendra Modi government of BJP for two years. The farmers had threatened to boycott the elections. A new line could have been laid parallel to the existing existing railway line, but this was not done for the benefit of the farmers.

Adani approved
4 months ago, the Narendra Modi government and the Bhupendra Patel government had given approval to Adani to build a jetty at the port. Adani has been approved for construction of 17 new jetties and liquid terminal at the port. That’s why Adani needs railways the most as soon as the work is completed in 1 year. That’s why the Modi and Patel governments have given environment clearance. The existing highways do not have the capacity to carry goods. Over load is being transferred on it. That’s why the industry puts pressure on the government.

The line has to be changed for the third time.

Farmers met Forest Minister
As soon as the announcement was made, on May 11, 2023, some farmers reached Forest Minister Mukesh Patel. He demanded that the route of the railway be declared. Announce with Google Maps. If this does not happen, then once again the BJP leaders will have to face heavy opposition from the farmers here. Officers are about to reach the spot. Till then the farmers will have to wait.

Failed since 2010-11
The plan to lay a railway line here is from 2010. At that time Adani himself was going to lay the rail. Numbers were going in 98 percent government posts and only 5 private surveys.
So Adani had to acquire the land. But government company Cribco refused to give Ichhapur connection to Adani. That’s why the plan didn’t succeed. But Essar, Adani, Reliance and 22 MNCs put pressure on the BJP government.

2014-15 notification was issued. The authorities planned to put the line through the village without examining the site. 200 farmers lost their land. That’s why there was a lot of protest. Again a notification was issued in 2022. Kilometers of rail route were extended. Route was changed. The railway was long.

Farmers gave plan

Deepak Patel, president of the Hazira Kantha Area Development Cooperative, was said to have been involved in a train accident here in 2010 along with villagers. Nevertheless, we supported the government and gave the villagers a project to lay a railway line along the sea. But this could not happen due to the negligence of the officials. Had the decision to lay a railway line on the seashore been taken in 2010, the development of Hazira would have increased 3 times.
The farmers had asked for rail in the coastal areas of Hazira, Suvali, Rajgiri, Damka and Ichhapur. The erosion of the sea was to be 20 km. It was government land. Was by the sea. Khar was a land. Khar Pat was there. Can go up to the ribs. However, the government did not accept the option shown by the farmers. Then the central government intervened and put pressure on the Kribhks.

Coastal area
It is important that today the railway line is being laid, private companies like Adani are going to be benefitted. This project is only for industries. No passenger or normal train will run on the track. Multinational companies are in Hazira. Adani, Mitt, Reliance, ONGC, GIDC and Matam are the oil companies.

New path
If a new 40 km freight rail line is laid from Hazira to Gothan, then the land of these 14 villages will be cut. For the acquisition of 85 hectares of land, land acquisition of 275 block numbers was to be affected. Now it will be on the route of 50 km. Railway Minister Darshana Jardosh said that the Railways has given approval under a ‘special scheme’. There will be land acquisition. This new railway line will mostly be laid on state government land. A meeting was organized at the Surat District Collectorate regarding the new project. Farmers did a lot of agitation regarding the route that was decided earlier to take the railway track to Hazira. So the government has adopted this method to change the course and prevent this type of situation from happening again.

Death in accidents
Accidents are happening on the Harjira Highway. People are dying. This railway line will reduce the load on the highways, reduce logistics cost and create many new employment opportunities. This is another great example of how double engine government drives development. Union Minister of State for Railways Darshanaben Zardosh made the announcement.

Huge rally
Actually, there was a lot of protest from the farmers. That’s why the direction of the plan has to be changed. Hazira Kantha Kshetra Vikas Sahakari Mandali Limited has decided not to acquire land in protest against the approval of new broad gauge line rail link between Gauthan to Hazira by Central Railway. The application was submitted by sending it to the District Collector. Big in a rally on 11 March 2022

Attended in numbers.
The valuable land of the farmers of Vanswa and Damka villages used to go to the Railways. The affected farmers gave a written complaint to the District Magistrate of Surat regarding the blocking of the new railway line.
14 The land of the village is fertile and the crops are cultivable. Farmers are living here on animal husbandry. When the process of land acquisition for goods train started, the farmers decided not to acquire land under any circumstances. There was a demand to reconsider the railways.
As soon as the new broad gauge railway line was built between Gauthan and Hazira, anger spread among the farmers. Farmers were protesting. Two companies have already bought land in Hazira for the railway line, but the rest of the land acquisition process is pending, leading to protests.

We will not GIVE the land
Surat’s farmer had a formula, will give life not land. There was fierce opposition to the Hazira Gauthan railway line. The agricultural land of more than 14 villages has been affected. It has been decided not to give land in the farmers’ meeting. Under the aegis of Gujarat Kisan Samaj, all the farmers from Hazira to Gothan village united. On 11th March, a farmers’ rally was held. Has been done. Farmers will take out a rally and submit an application to the District Magistrate.
The process of acquisition of more than 85 hectares of land of about 277 farmers of 14 villages was started for laying railway line for industries in 40 km between Gauthan to Hazira. The fight was started by the farmers. This created a stir in the government.
Farmers used to meet daily in 3 villages from 5 to 7 pm. Variav, Saroli and Bhesan villages were aggressors.

The first meeting of the farmers was held at the Jahangirpura Khedut Samaj office in Surat. In which 277 farmers from 14 villages participated. Farmers are protesting that this railway track is not needed, the existing railway track should be used. Ramesh Patel was the president of Gujarat Kisan Samaj, so that the farmers do not have to give their land and the government also plans in the same way.

Farmers were given notice for land acquisition. The government took most of the farmers’ land for development works.

Mukesh Patel
Former state energy minister Mukesh Patel held a meeting with the officials. According to the information, the work of Gujarat Rail Infrastructure Development was being done to lay the proposed new railway line. Whether broad gauge track can be laid next to the existing railway line? A survey was done regarding this. Land acquisition notice was published for starting new railway track from Hazira to Gothan. Now it has to be taken back.

A modest return
When the railway line was laid by the KIBHCO company in Malgama village, a meager amount of Rs 13,000 per acre was paid as compensation. When the land was lost, it was said to give jobs to the dependents, but the dependents were not given jobs. Rameshbhai Patel, president of South Gujarat Khedut Samaj, cooperative and farmer leader Darshanbhai Nayak, Surat district Khedut Samaj president Parimalbhai Patel and affected farmers were present in the meeting.

Area of chemicals
Chemicals and Petrochemicals in Gujarat are in Vadodara, Nandesari, Hazira, Jamnagar.
KRIBHACO (Krishak Bharti Co-operative Limited) fertilizer plant near Hazira in Surat and now Reliance Industries’ petrochemical complex and Essar Steel’s huge sponge iron and other products complex. Hazira had the highest rate of heavy industrial investment per square kilometer in India.
As a result of the privatization done by the Government of Gujarat in 1991 under the government of Chimanbhai Patel, ports like Mundra and Pipavav, Hazira stand in comparison to the major cities of the country today. (Google Translate from Gujarati)