Agriculture Minister Faldu defeated a special friend of Chief Minister Rupani

Gandhinagar, March 16, 2020 During the Gujarat assembly session, there was debate in the lobby that groupism is only a little in the Congress, in the BJP too. Agriculture Minister Faldu has defeated a special friend of Chief Minister Rupani.

An election was held for a meeting of the farmer department in the Kalawad farm production market in Jamnagar.

There was a battle between the five candidates in the meeting. Rajan Singh Jadeja, the BJP leader and the director of the central government MMTC, Kalavad city BJP president Kashyapbhai Vaishnav, Naranbhai Changani, Congress leader Deepakbhai Vasoya, Ashok Singh Jadeja, were among the jitters. There are 655 farmers voters, out of which 619 farmers voted.

Agriculture Minister Ranchod Faldu’s special man Kawad city BJP president Kashyapbhai Vaishnav won by 137 votes.

Kashyapbhai was raised with the blessings of R.C. Faldu’s

On the other hand, Rajendra Singh Jadeja, who was a special friend of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, was a candidate. They are defeated. Despite being a special friend of the Chief Minister, political turmoil has to be defeated. In the political games, there is a debate in the Kalawad Co-operative area that the chief minister’s friend lost and RC. Faldu’s  candidate has won. Only a group of BJP has suffered defeat.