Vaju Vala, a former governor active in Gujarat, a threat to CM Vijay Rupani, what did Vala say?

July 2021

Vajubhai Vala has become active in Gujarat after retiring from the post of Governor of Karnataka. There was talk that he would be made the chief minister in place of Rupani. Or the early elections to the Gujarat Legislative Assembly will be held. But the way Vijay Rupani had come to visit the 7 mothers and deities of Gujarat, now the fear of his position is believed to have subsided. That’s why elections will not come soon. But Vala has become active in politics. Because of Rupani has not been able to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He has been considered the candidate of the Chief Minister.

Vala has been the true successor of the Chief Minister of Gujarat. But Modi and Amit Shah made Vijay Rupani the chief minister. Then the people of Gujarat did not want it, even today they do not want Rupani, he failed Chief Minister. If the Chief Minister has been changed in Karnataka, it should have been changed in Gujarat also. But nothing happened. He does what Rupani is told, so it was considered unfair not to make Vala the Chief Minister. Because Vala is more deserving than Rupani. But Modi and Amit Shah overthrew Anandiben’s good governance. The unsuccessful MLA, Rupani, was made the chief minister, He has completed 5 years.

Vala  is a leader of the Kardiya Rajput community. For 10 years, there was talk of building a temple for the deity of the Karadia Rajputs. Now people are active in building temples in Sundernagar. They are also doing politics with the temple. They know that this time Vajubhai will not get a ticket because of his age.

Kanbha Gohil-Rajoda and Jasa Brar of Karadia Japut community are strong leaders of this community. They have brought the issue of temple at the time of election keeping Vala ahead. Kanbha wants to contest from Dholka or Sanand in 2022. If the party does not give a ticket, then the appointment of a board or corporation can also be demanded like Balwant Singh. He had earlier held a meeting to defeat the BJP.

The second leader, in 2017, Jasabhai Brad lost the election. If they do not get a ticket, then they want to give a ticket to their son.

Kardiya Rajput dominates 14 seats in Gujarat. That’s why these three leaders are making an impact in politics. There are 15 to 25 thousand voters of Karliya Rajput community in 14 seats.
Junagadh, Gir is for winning Somnath seat. One more may win on the remaining seats.
In which there are Dhanduka, Dholka, Virgam, Sanand seats of Ahmedabad district.
In Sehore-Gariadhar Bhavnagar, Palitana, two seats of Bhavnagar city.
Botad District has Gadha , Umrala , Dhanduka assembly constituencies.
Lemdi, Wadhawan, Halwad seats dominate Surendranagar.
Junagadh district has a good Kardiya population.

If the Kardiya Rajput community gets angry, the BJP is likely to lose some seats. Kardiya  Rajput believes that BJP is not well appointed to their society, has no place in the party and government. That is why the people of the society put this matter in front of Vaa. So Vajubhai has become active again. They tell the society not to run like this, fight injustice. Also, Vala is a political player. By opposing the BJP and the government, they have been making votes for BJP to keep Kardiya Rajput together. They vouch for the society, then in the end they get votes for the BJP. Patidar, Thakor, Koli, Kshatriya and Kardiya Rajput also want a good place.

Kardiya Rajput community had agitated against former BJP president Jitu Vaghani. Since then BJP is angry with Kardiya Rajput. But Kardiya Rajput society does not bow down even after death.

As the leader of BJP and leader of Kardiya society, Barad thinks of himself, later of society. He takes his ticket ahead of the society. Sources close to him say that if he does not get the ticket this time in 2022, then he has a political plan to fight his son from Gir Somnath.

Jasa Brarad can give ticket to his son in Kodinar-Talala. The state has given her son a  position in the Yuva Morcha.

The temple of Bhavani Maa of Kardiya Rajputs is built in Sayla. Jasha Brar and Kanbha want to take advantage of this by making a base. The society is opposing it by staying inside this matter.

A meeting of community leaders was held near Surendranagar regarding the construction of a temple of Bhavani Mata, the Kuldevi of Kardiya Rajput community on 35 acres of land. At the meeting, Vaju Vala, leader of Kardia Rajput community, former Governor of Karnataka and veteran BJP leader from Gujarat, said, “Our party president will announce how many seats he will get in 2022. If asked to win 182 seats, then we BJP workers will work hard to get all these seats. All the workers will work to fulfill the promises made by our party president to the public. We are party workers, we have to work according to party, party does not do as we say. Then what happens to dissatisfaction? The party president will tell us what to do. There is no age limit for party worker. They work at the behest of the party.

He said that there is no opposition from CM Vijay Rupani to Kisi. He has not scolded any worker. He was a student council worker. So they have more experience about how to organize students and how to organize society. Give people the certificates they want to give. He is our CM.

Vala said, I am a BJP worker. Have to work for BJP. I have to do what the party tells me about the organization. In 2022 too, I will have a role to play whatever the party says. I don’t want to guide. The job of a party worker is not to guide. I am now the man of the organization. So I have to tell the organization and then the organization to the ruler.