Air ambulance project hangs over BJP’s two big political leaders

Air ambulance project hangs over BJP's two big political leaders

Ahmedabad, 29 March 2020

The one-sided state government, where Gujarat is the leading force in medical tourism in the country. On the other hand, the government has found that the proposals introduced three or three times after the big withdrawal of the air ambulance project, which is very important for medical tourism. Of course, the health department sources said the two major political leaders were responsible for the project.

Had the air ambulance project been approved, it would have run on March 29, 2020, and would have helped treat numerous patients in Corona immediately. But it could not start because of BJP’s push and pull.

Gujarat claims to be a medical hub
For the last few years, the state government has been claiming to make Gujarat the country and Ahmedabad the medical hub of Gujarat. Government sources believe that the state government has started dozens of new government and private medical colleges to advance the state in the field of medical tourism. It has also undertaken an exercise to strengthen the structure of government hospitals. Nursing and other para-medical services have also given courses to more private institutions to make them more trained and accessible.

Medical Tourism at the Heart of Project Harmony
The transportation of patients to the emergency is very important at the base of medical tourism, says a former senior official of the health department. The Air Ambulance Project, called the heart of medical tourism, has overcome political turmoil and lack of willpower.

He adds that at present three hospitals in Ahmedabad have helipads. There are helipads in civil hospital, SVP hospital and private sector Apollo hospital. When Anandiben Patel was the Chief Minister, he announced that the Gujarat government would start ‘air ambulance service’ in a short time. After the announcement of the then Chief Minister Anandiben, the entire health department’s machinery was put to work for the air ambulance project. In Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, the work of preparing its blue print had also begun.

This project is needed in an emergency when only one minute is valuable

About the need for air ambulance, Superintendent Dr MM Prabhakar of the Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, said that air ambulance is very important at present. Apart from Asarawa Civil Hospital, Helipad has arrangements at SVP Hospital and Apollo Hospital. Where an air ambulance can be flown. Especially in Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Kutch-Bhuj or other endemic areas of the state, when an emergency case cost one minute, air ambulance is essential to complete the hour to bring the patient within minutes. Air ambulances are especially important now when heart, kidney and liver transplants have increased in Gujarat. However, he said he was unaware of the reason why the air ambulance project would not go ahead.

Air ambulance project proposal was sent three times but not approved

Of course, when asking Dr. MD Sukhanandani, Deputy Director, Medical Services, Health Department, he said that in the last two three years, the air ambulance project has been prepared three times and submitted for approval in the government. But until now, the government has not approved these proposals for inaccessible reasons.

The ego of the two leaders is responsible for the childbirth of this project

However, another health department official, who did not want to be named, said the clash between the two major political leaders in the state was responsible for the announcement of the air ambulance project and its infanticide. Announcing important projects like air ambulance

An ambulance project was hanged, a health department official said.