Amit Shah and Rupani groups are cleaning up by the new president Chandrakant in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 2 February 2021

BJP President CR Patil has written on the stone that the BJP will not give tickets of 60 years old. If elected 3 times, they will be kept at home. Gujarat BJP has announced rules to give tickets to candidates in local body elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is behind this. Which is ending the shackles of Amit Shah and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Amit Shah had been appointing his group in good places in the party for the last 15 years. Now everything is being finished.

50 percent members of 6 corporations, 81 municipalities, 231 taluka panchayats and 31 zila panchayats will not get tickets.

There are 47000 polling stations. There are 7600 seats. Most of them are from Amit Shah’s group. In 2010, just as Anandiben Patel supported Amit Shah’s faction, similarly Amit Shah wiped out the Anandiben group in 10 years.

Hundreds of people who were supporters of Amit Shah for 10 to 20 years are being beheaded.

Even Amit Shah did not know that CR Patil was being appointed as party president. Nor did any other BJPP leader know. State leaders and journalists, were informed simultaneously that Patil is the new president. Since then, Home Minister Amit Shah and in-charge of Home Department Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had started cutting off the group.

For Chandrakant Patil, policy is not his policy. Their policy is decided by Delhi. The policy of cutting elders can only be a directive given from Delhi. Patil does not have the courage to finish two other home ministers. They have been doing politics for Surat. But now state politics is being played from Delhi.

Amit Shah and Vijay Rupani group, who have been cut into the newly formed organization. Now this is happening even among elected leaders.

Local body elections are to be held after Amit Shah’s local workers were removed from BJP’s organization. Rupani or Amati Shah’s group will be eliminated in the tickets to be given. The foundations of Shah and Rupani are shaken. Once again Anandiben is getting stronger.

The ticket that will be given will not have shadow of Rupani or Amat Shah.

All this is happening from Delhi. Amit Shah’s downfall has started since Trump’s arrival and riots broke out in Delhi. The picture of Amit Shah and Modi has not been seen for over a year.

The way Rupani is a failed chief minister in Gujarat, Amit Shah is failing at the center. The gap between Modi and Amit Shah has widened. His picture appears in Gujarat. Patil was only the leader of Surat but now he is the leader of Amit Shah. So he went to Saurashtra and announced that factionalism would not work in the BJP. Going to Rajkot, he slaps Rupani’s group on the cheek. Its echoes are now heard in organization and local elections.