Passed Gujarat in budget, Modi did not ask for 200 demand

Gandhinagar, 01 February 2021

For 14 years, Narendra Modi accused Manmohan Singh of not doing any work in Gujarat and that he was doing injustice to Gujarat. Gujarat’s leader Narendra Modi has forgotten the promise. Today the Modi government has announced the budget and the demands of the states in Parliament. But once again he has done injustice to Gujarat. The 204 questions raised by the BJP since 1998 are unresolved in the Modi regime at the center, now the BJP is ruling with absolute majority at the center. But he has forgotten Gujarat.

Modi is unfairly slapping the people of Gujarat on the cheek. Yet 26 MPs like Parrot  and unsuccessful Chief Minister of Gujarat Vijay Rupani have remained silent. With BJP coming to power, by doing politics, promises are being forgotten.

From 2002 to 2014 floor, the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi sent details every year about the injustice done to Gujarat and asked the press owners to write. But now Modi himself is forgetting the interest of Gujarat and is looking at his petty interest.

150 other issues related to education are still facing the Modi government at the Center.

What are the issues of Gujarat at the Center?

Establishment of Indian Institute of Science Education in Gujarat and allocate funds for it.

The central government should help by providing funds for the development of the Zakhou Fisheries Port.

The Academy of Information Technology will be established  in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

He demanded the establishment of a world-class university in Gujarat, but Modi has done nothing so far.

Modi had demanded the Congress to declare the Narmada project a national project in 2010. Even though it has been 6 years since he became Prime Minister, but Gujarat has lost crores due to not declaring it a national plan.

Headquarters of Western Railway

The BJP had made several representations to the central government to make Western Railway Headquarters in Ahmedabad. Now everything is tied up. He demanded that Sabarmati railway station could become the headquarters. But after becoming Prime Minister, he is doing injustice to Gujarat.

To start 25 new trains and increase the frequency of 12 trains in the state – to expand the route, to develop 14 new railway lines, 8 lines to gauge and 17 railway lines to gauge. – Reduced use of land in the railway corridors of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar for metro project. Half of it did not work either.

Many railway lines in Gujarat have not become broad gauge. Some routes do not have a double line.

No action has been taken on the High Speed ​​Rail Project-Ahmedabad-Mumbai, Pune corridor.

Karnavati Nagar

After becoming the Gujarati Prime Minister at the Center, Gujarat has not benefited much. The government has not sent a proposal to declare Ahmedabad as a metro city and change the name of Ahmedabad to Karnavati. Modi has done nothing to change the name. He was doing politics in Gujarat since 1985 to name Ahmedabad as Karnavati. Modi won 6 elections in the city in the name of Karnavati. Now they have forgotten the injustice done to Ahmedabad. The government did not show interest. The central government itself did nothing despite the demands of the government.

Modi reduced the work

When Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, the Central Government had 130 questions from Gujarat. These questions reduced to 30 as soon as the BJP government came to power at the Center. No one at the Center listens to the weak government of Vijay Rupani of Gujarat. Modi does not want to solve these 130 questions of Gujarat.

Pakistan water

Along with Pakistan, there is also an important issue of water sharing of the Indus Basin. Modi had organized a referendum to give the Indus river water to Kutch. Now that he has got the vote, he has closed his eyes as to where the Indus River is and Kutch.

Pakistan’s move

Kidnapped by Pakistan along with Gujarat fishermen and boats. Fishermen meet in Pakistani jails. Boats are confiscated. Thereafter, Pakistan has informed the Indian government on the issue of release of fishermen and return of boats. Modi has done nothing to solve the permanent problem.

Fences are not built on the border of Kutch

Marine immigration has not become a check post. The fencing of the border along the borders of Gujarat with Pakistan has not been completed. Modi’s national suit is not here.

There was a demand for subsidy in the manufacturing sector of the equipment.

Forget coal

The Prime Minister himself has been urging the nearby mines to allocate coal to Gujarat for power generation for years, but no arrangements have been made so far. The BJP government is saying that there is no longer any issue of oil royalty.

The BJP had demanded that the central government declare the Urban Development Authorities tax-free. This has not happened.

The state government has not given any representation or proposal to the Center to fix the Ivy limit between the issues pending before the central government in 2013.


Demand of NOC for manufacture of cargo with Airport Authority for export of fresh fruits, vegetables, processed food and other agri-food items at Ahmedabad International Airport. There has been a lot of injustice to the farmers. The airport was given to Adani but the Modi government forgot to provide this facility.

– There was a demand of Government of India to participate in tribal university.

– The state has not become an Environmental Impact Assessment Authority for ring road, fencing and environmental clearance around Gir forest.

– Control of mining activity in the coastal regulation zone area is not relaxed.

– CRZ is not allowed for low and medium level area.

– GMDC was to lease bauxite mining in 10 areas in Kutch.

– Karmsad, birthplace of Sardar Patel, was sought to be included in JNURM.

– Like MNREGA, there was a demand to implement the Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme.

– Providing cash loan up to Rs 50,000 in the proposed loan for women members of self-help groups.

In the National Urban Health Mission, there is a demand for a National Urban Health Mission in Gujarat to make the health infrastructure in urban areas effective.

New injustice

Government did not provide money for National Urban Livelihoods Campaign in the year 2017-18

In case of drought, Center did not provide Rs 1725 crore

In 2017, North Gujarat-Saurashtra was hit by heavy rains. The government demanded Rs 2,094 crore but received nothing.

Center refused grant to Gujarat Urban Development Institute

Center did not provide any money for hostel for scheduled caste students

The Center has not provided any funds for the development of minorities in the last two years

No assistance has been given for prison reform in the last two years

The Center did not allocate a grant of one rupee for the Industrial Training Institute

No grant was made for the National Land Office Management Program in the year 2018-19

No new ports have been announced in two years.

No center of world trade has been established in Gujarat. (Translated from Gujarati)