Astole project from engineering point of view , in Gujarat

Inaugurated by Prime Minister on 10th June
Gandhinagar 10 June 2022
In 2018, the Astole project from engineering point of view has been completed at a cost of Rs.586.16 crore. The project is an achievement. 4.50 lakh people will get water 75 lakh liters of water will be provided daily from Madhuban Dam. 200 floors (1837 feet of water will be delivered).

Annual water will be available in 174 villages and 1028 Falia in hill tribal areas of Valsad district.

In the tribal areas of Dharampur and Kaprada, there is no water in the soil, so the reservoirs dry up shortly after the monsoon season.

Madhuban Dam will pump 567 million cubic meters of water over the pumping station.

There are 28 pumping stations. The capacity is 8 megawatt volt amperes (MVA).

There are 81 km of pumping lines, 855 km of water distribution lines, 340 km of small pipelines.

The daily capacity of the two filter plants is 66 million liters of water.

There are 6 high tanks. There is a tank with a capacity of 0.47 crore liters. There are 28 underground tanks of 77 million liters each.

There are 1202 ground level tanks in 44 million liters of beans.

use of special technology

While in some places the water pressure is normal due to high and low pipes, in some places the water pressure is much higher than normal.

Pipeline may break due to water pressure

The pressure per square centimeter is 40 kg. This pressure is so high that it can cause significant damage to pipelines. Therefore, a 12 mm thick mild steel pipe has been used inside the main pipe to prevent breakage of the main pipe.

It will be extended to 50 villages of Dharampur and 124 villages of Kaprada.