sculptor Mehul Rathwa carves a statue of Birsa Munda from the mud of the lake

In Gunata village of Chhotaudepur, sculptor Mehul Rathwa carves a statue of Birsa Munda from the mud of the lake. Mihir Patel, District Development Officer, Chhotaudepur, visited Gunata village with his family and was happy to see the idol of Birsa Munda. Sculptor Mehul Rathwa was sent a prize of five thousand rupees and congratulations.

Birsa Munda was born on November 18, 19 in Ulihatu village near Ranchi city in Jharkhand state to Sugna Munda and Karmi Hatu. Provided leadership for the liberation of the British from the British. In the year 19, Birsa devoted himself to the epidemic and served the people of his community.

On October 1, 19, he gathered all the Mundas in the form of a young leader and agitated against the British for waiving the levy. He was arrested in the year 19 and kept in Hazaribagh Nagar Central Jail for two years. Fighting continued between Munda and the English sepoys from the year 18 to the year 1500, and Birsa and his disciples kept the British at bay.

On August 15, Birsa and his four hundred comrades, armed with arrows, attacked Khunti Thana. In the year 18, a battle was fought on the banks of the river Tanga, in which the British army was defeated but many tribal leaders from the area were arrested instead. In January 1900, another conflict broke out in the hills of Domwadi, in which a large number of women and children were killed. Birsa was addressing a gathering of his people at this place at that time. Some of Birsa’s disciples were later arrested. Finally, Birsa himself was arrested in Chakradharpur on February 6, 1900. On June 3, 1900, he mysteriously breathed his last in the Ranchi Jail.