Bhagbatai – BJP-Congress twin brother in Gujarat


Gandhinagar, 25 February 2021

Aam Aadmi Party and Owaishi came to Gujarat and called Congress and BJP twin brothers. There have been hundreds of incidents that support his claim. BJP and Congress leaders become brothers.

In the politics of Gujarat, there is a war of parties in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections. But in district, taluka or gram panchayat elections, there is war between individuals. The 2021 elections look like a brotherhood between the candidates of the parties.

In the district, taluka and gram panchayat elections, whoever has won the presidency has supported the members of either the Congress, or the BJP. There is a close relationship between the two candidates before the 2021 elections.

Starting from Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, this trend has spread throughout Gujarat. In Gandhinagar, the BJP president was seen in the zilla panchayat despite the Congress majority. Despite being a majority of BJP members in the Taluka Panchayat, he became the Congress President. In the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation elections, the BJP has been the mayor of the Congress body for the last two terms.

Similar is the situation with Gandhinagar Citizen Cooperative Bank. When members elected on the symbol of BJP and Congress are appointed in the body of the bank, the position of brothers is seen. BJP and Congress have equal participation in the bank board. It is now being seen in the new bodies of the district, taluka, and gram panchayats of the state.

The fact that there is no consensus between BJP and Congress in local politics. The fight is only in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections. At the local level, politics runs according to the policy of political leaders, Bhai Harkha, we are both the same.

Nevertheless, political analysts often say that the BJP is now becoming a Congress and the Congress is moving towards Hindutva. So both are coming close to each other in a way. It is ideological.