BJP leader in Gujarat tempted to give Rs 200 crore to buy Congress MLA

Valsad, 10 June 2020

Rajya Sabha elections are to be held in Gujarat on June 19, 2020. Three Congress MLAs resigned at the behest of the BJP. Gujarat BJP is adopting a policy to buy them. Attempts are being made to break away by luring legislators.

Congress MLA from Vansada in Valsad, Anant Patel said, he was also lured to join BJP so that all these people can do their work. He said that the rupee was also introduced. However, when asked how much was offered, he said it could be Rs 100 crore or Rs 200 crore. MLA Anant Patel also said that crores of rupees were offered by a senior BJP leader from Navsari.

Congress MLA Anant Patel said, “I met BJP leaders to work for development in the tribal belt.” I was also tempted that if you join BJP, then all the people can be useful. He also said that crores of rupees were offered by the BJP.

Congress leader Tushar Chaudhary said that he is not going anywhere in Rajasthan. Will make electoral strategy and will not go anywhere, but will try to raise the morale of the workers.

The Congress has started resort politics in Gujarat so that more MLAs do not break the BJP. The Congress has fielded different zone-wise MLAs in the resort. At that time, five MLAs from South Gujarat are housed in a resort at Pardi in Valsad.

The MLAs held at Shantivan Resort in Valsad include Anant Patel, MLA from Vansada, Anand Chaudhary, MLA from Mandvi, P.D. Wasita, Vyara MLA Puneet Gamit and Dahod MLA Chandrika Baria. The legislators addressed a press conference at the resort.

It is noteworthy that after the resignation of three MLAs, the Congress state president has alleged that the BJP has bought the MLAs. On the other hand, the MLAs who resigned and parted ways with the party, rejecting allegations that they resigned for money and said they resented the party’s policy.