Business continues despite orders not to open shops in 4 metros

In the four metros of the Gujarat state, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot

Total shops will not be allowed to operate till May 5. Rupani gave such an order but shops were opened in many places in these metros. The malls were also open. After consulting the state government, the municipal commissioners and collectors jointly decided that, in the prevailing situation, next date. Shops in these four metros will remain closed till May 8. During the lockdown, it was decided to allow only milk, groceries, vegetables and other essentials, drug stores to continue in these metros. Other areas-districts in the state on Sunday The mall-marketing complex also includes concessions given by the state government to start businesses from April 26. hair cutting salon, beauty parlor, p-block-BD-cigarette selling shops, tea stall that will not be going to the hotel restaurant. But these places were also open in many places. Taxi services, rickshaw services Uber or other bus services will not start in the state.