1 lakh Gujaratis behind breaking Gandhi’s statue in California, Rupain – Modi keep mum

Gandhinagar, 1 February 2021

Indian Americans held a meeting in Davis, California, on 31 January, demanding the restoration of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Most of them were of Gujarati origin. The politics of targeting Gujaratis by opposing Gandhiji has begun in California. However, the Rupani government of Gujarat and the Modi government at the center have not been able to put pressure on the US government to save the Gujarati people. One lakh Gujaratis live here. People of Punjab live here. The BJP government’s atrocities on farmers in Punjab and Haryana are echoing here.

Politics against Gujaratis

A statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Central Park in Davis City, California was sacked by unknown persons earlier this week. Was treated rudely. This statue of Gandhiji was given to the US by the Government of India. It was planted in the City Garden four years ago. The surviving idols of Gandhi are attacked with a hammer. They had demanded a few days ago that the statue should not be kept here and it should be removed after being kept. Local people are protesting against the citizens of India.

1 lakh Gujarati population

There is also a Gandhi statue at Sola University here. Ganpat University Ganpatbhai Patel lives there. More than 1 lakh Gujarati people live in California. Punjabi is also there. Patidars from Saurashtra and Kheda are here. The largest state in the United States is California. Where there is a natural environment like Gujarat. The Pacific Ocean is coastal. Gujaratis leave Chicago and come here.


India opposes all over America

Earlier in December, a statue was painted in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington DC after it was smashed by terrorists. In America, Indian people are entering politics. Therefore politics is considered more responsible.

Register crime

Indians living in America have demanded that the police file a hate crime case in the entire case. Checks. The Indian Ambassador has raised this issue with the US State Department. Has demanded an investigation.

A 6-foot-tall, 294-kg bronze statue of Gandhi has been installed in Central Park, Davis, Northern California. Which was hit by a sharp thing. Half of Gandhiji’s face is hit with a hammer.

The reason was not disclosed

The broken statue was found on 27 January by a park employee. Davis City Councilor Lucas Frerix said the statue was removed and was being kept in a safe place. The investigation is on. No one knows when it broke and what the reason behind the break is. No one claimed it.

Protests since 2016

It was opposed when it was to be established with full respect by the Modi government of India in 2016. Those who were protesting against the people of India publicly protested against the installation of a statue of Gandhiji. It is believed that protest is due to Modi.

Protest against India

The protesters were activists of the Minority Organization (OFMI) in India. This organization opposes India. He has demanded removal of the word Bharat from the school textbook. Supporting Friends of India Society International (FISI) BJP leader Gaurang has opposed breaking the copy. Gaurang Desai said, “Some Indians are spreading hatred here.” Hindu phobia is spreading here.

1.5 million Gujarati

Has started teaching 1 million Gujarati languages ​​in New York and New Jersey in the United States. The shops are Gujarati. Americans live there less often. There is no requirement of English language. There are many temples. A total of 1.5 million Gujaratis live in the United States.

According to the data of the World Gujarati Society, 33% or about 50 lakh Gujaratis are out of a total of 160 million NRIs living abroad. A total of 30 million Indians live abroad. There are around 1.5 million Gujaratis in the US and 7 lakhs in the UK.

The number of Indians in the US is around 4.4 million. 15 lakh of which are Gujaratis. O will be there. Gujarati is spoken everywhere including New Jersey, Houston, New York, Chicago, Georgia, California. In New Jersey, 50 percent of the 2 million Indians are Gujaratis. Addison is all over Gujarat. Wembley Mini is known as Gujarat. In Wembley, 45% of the population speak Gujarati. Gujarati is the second most spoken language after English.

Biden’s victory politics

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted Trump to win. Hence he was brought to Ahmedabad. But Indians and Gujaratis living in America uprooted Modi’s politics. Gujaratis voted to win Biden, not Modi’s favorite Trump. According to the survey, 5 million Indians have 55 voters in citizenship, California, with 54 percent of Indian Americans supporting Democratic candidate Joiden. Thus, Gujaratis of America did not like Modi and chose Biden.

Modi silent in killing Gujaratis

In 2016, 16 Gujaratis were murdered in the United States after Modi was elected Prime Minister of India. During Modi’s 6-year rule, 35 Gujaratis have been killed. However, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani killed Gujarati people Raised no voice against If an American citizen is killed in Gujarat, the US government is harassing India. Did not succeed in pressuring Modi. Two blacks were killed after a finance robbery at Mitesh Patel’s shop in San Bernardino, California.