China’s threat – The situation will be worse than in 1962 if india do not step back

The Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times has said in an editorial that if India wants to engage in any kind of competition with it, then China is capable of harming its military more than in the past. Actually, on the night of 29 and 30 August, there was an attempt to infiltrate in Ladakh but the Indian jawans chased them away. There is a sharp reaction in the Chinese media. The latest clash between the two countries in Ladakh took place on a peak on the southern bank of Pangong Lake.

After the infiltration attempt failed, China’s foreign ministry said that the Chinese army did not cross the LAC (Line of Actual Control). On the same day, the spokesman of the Chinese army demanded that India withdraw its army. China also accused the Indian Army of illegally entering its border.

Global Times wrote in its editorial, India said in its statement that it has already stopped the activity of the Chinese Army. This shows that the Indian Army took the first windstorm and Indian soldiers started the struggle this time.

The Global Times has written, India is troubled by its domestic problems, especially the situation of Corona virus which is completely out of control. New cases of Corona virus infection in India reached 78,000 on Sunday. The state of the economy is also bad. India wants to divert attention from its domestic problems by carrying out activities on the border.

It has been written in the editorial that it should be noted that India is facing a powerful China. The People’s Liberation Army has enough force to protect every inch of land in the country. The people of China may not want to provoke India to struggle but will never allow encroachment on the territory of China. The people of China stand firmly with their government.

China is strategically strong in the southwestern border areas and ready for any situation. If India wants peaceful co-existence then it is welcome. But if India wants to challenge in any way, then China has more weapons and capability than India. If India wants to demonstrate military capability, the PLA is going to do more harm to Indian Army than 1962.

Global Times has also mentioned the support of America. It said, India does not need to create any kind of confusion about the support of America nor to increase strategic cooperation under alliance with four countries. The China-India issue is a bilateral issue and the US can only support India literally. How will America be able to help India seize the sugar sector? It is going on in the minds of Americans that India and China should be busy in each other so that India can be made an important pawn in America’s strategy to stop China.

The Global Times wrote in an editorial, the conflict in Pangong Lake shows that India did not learn any lesson from the Galvan Valley. He still wants to provoke China. Since Doklam in 2017, there have been tense situations on the India-China border. The dispute on the China-India border can be prolonged and many types of small and big crises will become common. We should be ready for this.

The Global Times has written, China should be prepared for military conflict in China-India border area. We should try to resolve our differences by peaceful means, but if India continues to challenge China, then China should not take a soft stand. If needed, China should take military action and ensure that it is successful in it too.

The Global Times has written, China is many times more powerful than India and India has no match with China. We should remove the misconception of India that it can collide with China along with other forces including America. The history of Asia and the world has told us that the forces that run on opportunism bother the weak and fear the powerful. When it comes to the India-China border, India is completely opportunistic.