Due to continuous rains in Gujarat, farmers lost 50% seed, standing crops dried up, no farmer got insurance

Gandhinagar, 2 September 2020

Due to continuous 20 days of rain in Gujarat, the farmer fields have suffered heavy damage. 5 lakh quintal seeds were sown by farmers in the 2020 monsoon (kharif). 43,000 quintal of paddy seeds were sown but there is less loss. 4.60 lakh quintals of seed were sown by farmers in the hope of a good harvest. Due to rain for 15 to 30 days, 50 per cent of the area has been destroyed due to watering in the fields. Thus, the cost of 2.30 lakh quintal seeds planted by farmers is not payable to farmers. Apart from this, farmers have incurred many expenses like manure, labour, rent, irrigation, pesticides.

The fields are flooded for 20 to 30 days, so the crop has lost its roots due to excess water. Its leaves have fallen. Serfs are branches of the plant. 50 percent production can be directly affected. allgujaratnews.in

Loss of Rs. 5000 crores

In 2015-16, Rs 43,128. farmers estimates expenditure, this expenditure has increased to around Rs 50,000 in 2020. The cost of seed is about 10 thousand rupees per hectare. Thus, seeds sown in at least 5 million hectares have failed due to excess rainfall. If cost is taken into consideration, the loss is Rs 5,000 crore. This loss is only to the seeds.

Peanut, cotton suffer the most

Groundnut, cotton crops are failing everywhere. They should actually get insurance due to excess water flow, but the Gujarat government has formulated a new agricultural policy that cannot provide insurance. This is the situation in the whole of Gujarat except for paddy. In North Gujarat, the loss is estimated at 25 percent. Because the soil here is sandy where all the rain falls. Saurashtra, Central Gujarat, Eastern tribal belt, South Gujarat are severely damaged. Such farmer leaders Palbhai Ambaliya and Saarag Rabariene told.

BJP government attitude

BJP’s Vijay Rupani government does not want to give anything to the farmers. The farmer is upset, yet the government has no sympathy. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who has kept the insurance scheme, has also canceled the BJP government in Gujarat. Now no insurance will be extended to the farmers. The farmer is in extermination. Farmers say that the people of the village are not with the BJP. 2017 that the village farmers did not vote for Rupani in the assembly. allgujaratnews.in

An official of the Department of Agriculture has given details of how many seeds were used in which crop in 2020 monsoon.

Need and loss of seed against planting

Crop Quintal seeds Loss Percentage
Peanut 247614 60
Cotton 47500 60
Soybean 77000 50
Tuvar 24635 40
Corn 69300 70
Millet 7000 60
Mug 11765 85
Edd 8685 80
Mole 6350 100
Diwali 11366 70
Paddy 43275 05
Total 475705

10 lakh quintal seed is made in Gujarat

Against the requirement of 4.75 lakh quintal seeds, 10.33 lakh twin seeds were available in the market. But consumption was only half. Farmers purchased 1.40 lakh quintals of these seeds from Gujarat Seed Corporation. According to the Director of Agriculture, Agricultural University and Gujco had 39164 quintal seeds, 8941 quintal NCC, private companies had 8,46,234 quintal seeds. allgujaratnews.in