Corona – Luxembourg to set up plant at minus 80 ° C for cold storage in Gujarat

2 December 2020
3 Corona companies are manufacturing vaccines in the country. The government plans to give the Corona vaccine to everyone. Vaccine storage is becoming a cold chain for that. The government is also considering a contract with the Luxembourg company to transport the vaccine. The company is sending its experts to India.

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg has proposed to set up a vaccine transport plant. The proposal was made during the first bilateral summit meeting with the government on 19 November in Luxembourg. A refrigerated vaccine transportation plant is to be set up in Gujarat. Billions of rupees vaccines will be delivered to remote villages in every corner of the country.

Luxembourg-based B.Medical Systems will send a high-level team to Gujarat next week. The team will set up a vaccine cold chain. Solar powered refrigerators, freezers and rasta boxes will also be included. In which the vaccine can be placed and sent from one place to another. Thus, the completion of this plant will take about 2 years. But the company has currently decided to start work immediately by ordering a refrigeration box from Luxembourg.

This refrigerated transport box will be able to provide vaccines with temperatures ranging from -4 to C to -20 to C. Thus the company based in Luxembourg has the technology to transport the vaccine from one place to another at a temperature of minus 80 degrees Celsius.