Excessive negligence of the so-called patriotic BJP government on the maritime border of Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 19 March 2021

There are 22 coastal police stations, 25 coastal check posts, 46 coastal outposts to protect the state’s 1,600 km long maritime border. There are 30 interceptor boats for maritime security monitoring. Who patrols the maritime border. These details were given in clear terms to the Minister of State for Home in the Legislative Assembly.

Modi Rupani careless

But Mumbai was attacked twice by Pakistan from the Gujarat border. There are 3 attacks in the battle. Nevertheless, the self-proclaimed patriot BJP government of Modi and Rupani is showing gross negligence in Gujarat for the security of the nation. There have been many attacks from the maritime border of Gujarat. There has been an intrusion. However, since 2001, the BJP government has been showing gross negligence for the security of Gujarat. Even after Modi became Prime Minister in 2014, the security of Gujarat did not increase.

The reality of water is different.

Poll opened under Modi’s protection

The condition of most boats is poor. Does not run There is corruption. His poll was opened at a function of Prime Minister Modi himself.

Five months ago, in October 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a program to impress people by blowing up the sea-plane for the third time in the assembly by-elections at Sabarmati Riverfront. The boat was brought from Kandla to Ahmedabad in the Sabarmati river for the safety of the Prime Minister. But the seats outside the boat were broken. The boat was not used by the Kandla Marine Police for years. The condition worsened as it had not been in use in Kandla for years.

The boat was exposed by the BJP’s Rupani and the Modi government at the Center.

The coast of Gujarat trusts Rama God

Gujarat has the longest coastline in the country. Yet for security, the BJP and Modi governments are negligent. Payless attention to safety. It lags behind other states as well.

Lack of equipment

There are only 22 maritime police stations on the 1600 km border for security. The maritime police of Gujarat always has a shortage of equipment when a high alert is issued for intrusion or attack by foreigners. BJP is showing great carelessness for the security of the country.

Other State Patriots

According to the details of the police organization of the Union Home Ministry, security has been low in 2019. Despite the small beaches and low danger from Gujarat, there are not enough equipment or boats. Not the police. State governments have established more marine police stations in other states away from Pakistan. There are less in Gujarat.

A Marine police station in Gujarat has 22 police stations, 45 outposts and outposts. A police station has to maintain a 72-km maritime boundary. There were 30 blocker boats for him in 2020.
13 new police stations are being built.

A police station covers an area 5 km off the coast of Karnataka. The region is 16 km in Maharashtra, 25 km in Tamil Nadu and 26 km in Orissa.

In which state how much security

State – Coast km. – Police Station SDR
Gujarat – 160 – 22
Karnataka – 320 – 62
Maharashtra – 720 – 44
Tamil Nadu – 1076 – 42
Orissa – 485 – 18
Kerala – 580 – 18

Marine task commando

Gujarat is the only state in the country where a Special Marine Task Commando Force has been formed. Yet today he is in a very bad condition.

144 islands unsafe

There are 144 small and large islands, 6 of which have a human population. No justification is given to its justification. It will not be bad if an intruder comes. The Marine Police was formed in Gujarat in 2006. The 2008 Mumbai attacks terrorists entered the country from the Gujarat border in a boat called Kubera. no one knew. (Translated from Gujarati)