Countries being ruined by gambling on the Internet

DILIP PATEL, Ahmedabad, 7 October 2022

Every day 80 lakhs people play Ludo online in India. Gambling is being encouraged by playing Ludo online. An app of the game, which was launched on Google Play three years ago, has been downloaded by 40 lakhs people. There are 1200 such apps in the world. There are hundreds of versions of Ludo online in India. In India, 1 crore 3 lakh people have downloaded the online Ludo app. Online Ludo Market Rs. 150 crores. Which was 45 crores in 2019. Big announcements of Ludo companies are happening. Users have to see one or three advertisements before starting the game.

The subject of gambling is of the test. The state government can make laws. Every year 1 lakh 20 thousand gamblers are caught in Gujarat. In which the online game Ludo is also there.

Young children are playing the country’s popular online games. Playing Ludo becomes addictive. There is a bad effect on the players of pubg game before ludo game. Many district police of Gujarat have imposed restrictions. In some cities, players are caught and prosecuted. In Gujarat, a man lost Rs 11 lakh in Ludo betting and was attacked by borrowers. All the district headquarters and towns of Gujarat are caught in the online Ludo game. A total of 4,000 crimes are believed to have been committed.

Police can arrest under section 12A of the Gambling Act. Under Section 6A, a fine of Rs 100 is imposed for giving a wrong name. According to section 9, even playing without money can be considered as gambling. In Gujarat, the State Law Commission recommended the Gujarat government to bring online gambling under the Gambling Act and increase the jail term to 2 years. The High Court also asked the state government to ban gambling in the name of online gaming. Gambling is banned in Gujarat. Lotteries are prohibited. Drinking alcohol is prohibited. But playing Ludo is not banned. With the increasing use of technology, the number of mobiles is also increasing. Online gambling is on the rise. In the month of Shravan, 25 percent of the families in Gujarat gamble at home. In which Ludo gambling became more visible in 2022, especially online gambling was dominated on Janmashtami.

An hour of gambling
On an average, a user spends 55 minutes playing Ludo online. In comparison, people spend 40 minutes on Facebook, 14 minutes on Twitter, and Insta. In comparison, spend more time on online games. As long as the gambling does not involve cash, there is no legal problem in this business. The game is played with cash, the condition of the country is getting worse. While finding loopholes in the law, gambling activities are going on in the virtual space and through mobile applications.

Crime in Gujarat
Ludo games are just platform. Nothing can be done if someone bets on them. There is a rule in the country that if a sport involves skill then betting is not considered gambling. But in Gujarat, 3 thousand cases of gambling in online games have been reported.

8 months ago
Eight months ago, online gaming was considered to be brought under the IT Act and the existing Gambling Act of Gujarat. The Gujarat Gambling Prevention Act 1887 is an anti-gambling act. It carries a provision of imprisonment of 6 months, which has been recommended for up to 2 years. but nothing happened. The government is not interfering in this matter at the moment. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology can actually shut down the Google Play Store or the concerned firm by issuing a notice.
There is mobile and internet in every hand. There are no restrictions on online gambling apps. There are many apps available from playstore.

Money laundering or foreign funds offenses may be filed.

Waste in Modi Raj
The whole country is becoming a gambling den under BJP rule. In the era of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, gamblers are getting ruined by gambling from house to house on unscrupulous apps like Jupi Ludo. Online gamblers account for 80 percent of the money that gamblers play. But the government is not ready to do anything on this.

Children are being made gamblers in the name of earning money by playing Ludo. Advertisements are given to play Ludo and earn money. Actors are earning crores of rupees by promoting Judo sports. In which youth are getting ruined financially. After the devastation, drug trafficking increases. Medicines worth billions of rupees are coming to India from the Gulf of Kutch through the port of Mumbada. People are becoming addicted to both gambling and drugs.

Millions of rupees are being lost every day by openly gambling online in the name of Ludo. The government has received many complaints of gambling through 1200 such apps. But governments are silent. People are getting addicted to online judo.

entrance fees
Ludo is played by charging an entry fee of Rs 100 to 20 thousand. In which the youth is losing crores of rupees. Similarly, there is a game with an entry fee of eleven thousand rupees.


The complaints about losing money are absolutely true. These criminals have silenced everyone with money. Making the whole country a gambling den. The development of the country is happening in such a way that gamblers are being seen everywhere. The winning 20 percent will tell the story of their victory. People come to play. Turns gambling into temptation.

Small gambling raids
Ever since the introduction of online gambling, people have started going to casinos less. Figures have been reduced. The police arrests small street gamblers, but no one talks about the gambling business on such a large scale. Companies to rob the public and convert the whole country into gambling business has been permitted.

Gambling and drug addiction
People are getting addicted to it. Teenagers and youth are so addicted to gambling that even after losing all their money, this addiction does not leave. They ask for money by lying from home. They are immersed in gambling day and night. He falls into depression after the family deletes this app from the mobile. Many young people need mental therapy.

Defeat after victory
The losing gambler plays double, loses more money, trying to make up for the loss by betting large amounts. Earn first then shed money, it has become the principle of business.

Online Ludo game builds trust by displaying the list of earners on the website. But it doesn’t show the list of losers.

Every day 500 to 5 thousand rupees are offered by the game. There are a lot of Ludo Money apps and websites. Of these, 99 per cent commit dacoities. Can be played only after depositing money in app’s wallet. There are many types of matches. Without money, played with friends, participating in matches and tournaments etc. with random players, is not considered a crime.

Wallet account

Money is credited to Ludo Wallet on winning matches or tournaments. The amount can be transferred to bank account or Paytm. The rules of Ludo game are strict. Which is a major reason for the loss. A preferred language is also provided. Enjoy playing Ludo game online.

Team Sports
Play Ludo game online with friends or team up with someone else. If the team wins, they get a commission instead. Cash prize money is awarded. A three card cash game is also played. Ludo can be played not only online but also offline. Earlier everyone used to play offline games with friends. There was no gambling till then. Now playing online games is winning and losing money.

Dirty tricks of coding
The most questionable aspect of this game is the coding of the app to launder money. The coding is done in the app so that 80 out of 100 people lose. Every detail of the accountant keeps coming to the company, after losing people are blackmailed.

Data security
Account must be created. Only mobile number is required. Once the mobile number is verified with OTP – One-time password, the profile is created from the mobile number.
A bank account, UPI, email ID, address or payment wallet is required. There is no data protection. Collects and shares data. Data cannot be kept private and secure. This is theft. The gambling app does not have an address, mobile number or mail id. He becomes addicted to gambling.

India birth place
Ludo game was invented in India. The name and rules of Ludo have changed a lot in India. In the Puranas it was played during the time of Lord Shiva and Krishna. After this the game was played on paper. Now the Ludo game played on mobile is played today from many Ludo game apps on Google’s Play Store. The BJP government has not banned gambling games as they have banned Chinese apps. Due to its propaganda, youth are getting addicted to sports and drugs. Which is more dangerous than the Chinese app.