14 promises of Congress to the people of Gujarat

Ahmedabad, 27 October 2022

Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee President Jagdish Thakor and Vidhan Sabha Congress Party leader Sukhram Rathwa said that we are taking 14 resolutions so that all citizens of Gujarat get the right to education-health-employment.

1- All citizens of Gujarat will get free treatment and free medicine up to 10 lakhs,

2- Loans up to Rs 3 lakh will be waived for all the farmers of Gujarat.

3- Every house will get 300 units of electricity free.

4- 10 lakh government jobs will be recruited for all unemployed youth of Gujarat and unemployment allowance of Rs 3000 will be given to unemployed youth till they get employment.

5- Women will have 50 percent rights in all jobs

To eliminate corruption, the contract system in government jobs will be completely abolished.

7- Subsidy of Rs 5 per liter will be given to the milk producers.

8- Every house in Gujarat will be given a bottle of LPG for Rs 500 to overcome inflation.

9- All criminals and corrupt people will be sent to jail by bringing a law against all the corruption that has happened in the last 27 years.

10- 3000 English medium government schools will be built so that every child of every household can be educated.

11- Complete education from KG to PG will be given free of cost to all the girls in Gujarat.

12- Rs 4 lakh compensation will be given to the families of those who died due to corona epidemic.

13- Old pension scheme will be implemented for the social security of the employees working in various departments of the state.

14- The practice of contracting and outsourcing will be abolished in the state and youth and women working in various departments will be given salary with respect.