Cultivation of watermelon seeds can improve people’s health

Anand: Summer has begun, watermelons will now be well received in the market. The watermelon is eaten and thrown its seeds. Research shows that eating has many benefits to the body. The Jain family regularly consumes watermelon seeds in Gujarat. It is peeled off and eaten. Farmers can do good business by getting such seeds. Watermelon is badly earned its seeds when it comes to low prices.

Gujarat Agricultural University has recommended that the use of watermelon seeds to enhance health, dry out the seeds and use them in food, so that farmers can do seed business. By choosing the varieties of watermelon seeds which can be grown, it is possible to earn good income by cultivating its seeds, making their juices, the farmers generate income.

Watermelon is a fruit that is full of water. Watermelon is good for hydrating our body, as it contains vitamin A, C and potassium, zinc, fat and calories. Watermelon benefits not only from its fruit, but also from its seeds. Eat after slicing of watermelon seeds.

Nutritional content in watermelon seeds
100 grams of watermelon seeds contains 600 calories. It gives up to 10 calories per loaf of bread. The fat content in 100 grams of watermelon seeds is 80% of our daily fat content.

Contains 1/3 protein. The most essential protein is niacin. A good source of vitamin B, such as thymine, niacin, and folic.

100 g watermelon seeds contain minerals like magnesium (139%), manganese (87%), phosphor (82%), zinc (74%), iron (44%), potassium (20%) and copper (37%). Provides our daily mineral.

Iron, potassium, vitamins, fat and calories are important which is important for our body.

1. A natural source of amino acids.
A natural source of amino acids. Is arginine and lysine. Lysine is essential for calcium absorption and collagen formation. This is necessary for older people. Arginine is used to enhance our metabolism and cardiovascular health.

2. Magnesium Bank.
100 grams contains 139% magnesium. Metabolism will promote protein synthesis and normalize our blood pressure. Moreover, they can control diabetes and hypertension.

3. Sexual health.
Contains lycopene and some vitamins. Good for sexual purposes. The seeds of watermelon increase the fertility of the male. For men, lycopene is good for increasing their fertility as well as sexual passion. Sexual medicine works the same way that prolongs erection. Lycopene also prevents early aging.

4. To fight diabetes
Diabetes patients can use watermelon seeds as part of their medicines. Boil the watermelon for 40-45 minutes and drink it.

5. Memory sharpens
The power of our memory increases and intensifies.

6. Blood pressure
Is arginine. Arginine is essential for controlling our blood pressure and healing coronary heart disease. The amino acids in the watermelon seeds include tryptophan, glutamate acid and lysine. Magnesium is the essential function of the heart.

7. Stopping our digestive system.
The most vitamin B found in watermelon seeds is niacin. Niacin is essential for our nervous system, the digestive system and our skin health. The second vitamin B in watermelon seeds contains folic, thymine, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and pentophenate acid.

8 Reduces Blood Cholesterol
Fat in seeds is a monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat and fatty acid omega 6. According to the American Heart Association, both fats can lower our cholesterol levels and acid fat can reduce omega 6 blood pressure.

9 Curry the skin well and reduce aging
Lysine in watermelon seeds is essential for the formation of collagen in our body to keep the skin healthy and prevent aging from aging. Can be used as a healthy eating snack by processing. Copper contains hair to promote hair growth. Our body needs pigment which brings color to our hair as well as skin. Can produce hemoglobin.

Once the watermelon seeds provide 192 micrograms or 21% copper for our daily needs. Watermelon seeds contain antioxidants and oils that will make the skin younger, healthier and more vibrant, so they protect from aging early. Essential ingredients for baby oil. Removes the bad from the pores of the skin, the skin will be healthy and acne free. Powerful to protect against skin cancer as well as skin infections.