DySP became Yogi Ramdas, has done more than 600 KATHA

Police officer  became preaching the religion by telling 600 stories

16 Mar, 2021

We may have seen the strict trend of khaki uniforms many times. Police officers are constantly living a stressful life in an atmosphere of anger, rage and seriousness. When they retire they quickly start working hard to get involved in some activities. But there is one such police officer. Who devoted his entire life after retirement to the path of religion and spirituality.

After retiring as DYSP, he is currently imparting Ramakatha and Sivakatha to the devotees. The name of this police authority is RB Rawal. Who is known as Yogi Ramdas. He has done a total of 600 Ramakathas and Sivakathas so far. Born in Thamana, a small village in Kheda district of Gujarat, Karme was a big responsibility in the life of a police officer at an early age. One Man faced the same situation as the Army after losing the shadow of his parents.

At that time Babaldas of the independent army was coming to the village for cleaning. His eyes fell on RB Rawal. Babaldas Mohra adopted four youths from Goswami Patel and Rawal Samaj. Which also included Ramdas. Ramdas obtained LLM degree after graduation. He started his life by cleaning Rambagh in the village with his studies and wearing old clothes. Then got a job as a teacher. One day Babaldas Mehta told Ramchandra that he had to go to the police to transform the police.

I have brought the form for this. After passing a direct police examination, in the year 1977, Ramchandra joined as a psi. The first posting took place in Bhavnagar. Babaldas and Jashwant Mehta then recommended DSP and took him from Bhavnagar to Mahuva port. RB Rawal went from Bagdana to meet Moraribapu. At that time, Bapu said, this account is like a crow. I want to make a crow speak Ram. “I want to be a guru,” Rawal said. Bapu said if you want to do Guru, come on the day of Guru Purnima. Then Hanumanji Maharaj was identified as Guru Mani Yogi Ramdas. After this he started Ramakatha, Bhagavat and Sivakatha from his hometown Thamana.

Wearing khaki during the day and doing saffron at night to tell the story. The state government took note of this. He then organized a Ramakatha for the inmates of Sabarmati Jail. He has told stories all over Gujarat and Tihar Jail. Also without any charge. Impressed by this service, Bapu is also mentioning it. In the year 2009, he was posted as DYSP of Ahmedabad. He is currently 67 years old and has a wife, son and daughter in the family. Retired lives but has no wealth. He currently lives in Gandhinagar.