VPP wrested power from BJP in Kalyanpur municipality of Dwarka district

March 16, 2021

In the BJP’s stronghold of Saurashtra, the VPP has assumed municipal power. As soon as the system change system took power, it was handed over to the BJP. The System Change Party has heard the name of Rawal municipality in Kalyanpur taluka of Dwarka district. The general meeting was held at 11 am today under the chairmanship of the in-charge province officer. In the general assembly, Manoj Jadav of Vyavastha Parivar Party has been elected on the post of Chairman of Rawat Municipality and Leelu Solanki on the post of Vice President. BJP presidential candidate Jashai Jamod got 8 votes and vice-presidential candidate Leelu Gami got 8 votes. On the other hand, four members of Congress also voted for the claimant of the system change party.

Importantly, the general meeting of the Khambhalia and Rawal municipalities of Dwarka was held today. In which the BJP candidate in Khambhalia municipality was elected unopposed. Another important point is that the system change party is a party formed by the local people of the Rawal Municipality area. It remains to be seen how the next new president and vice-president will work after the Vyas Parivar Party comes to power in the Rawal municipality.