Why not a new and cheaper ventilator in Surat? Why took your Rajkot?

Dhaman ni Dhamal

Ahmedabad, 21 May 2020

Private SPTL of Surat has found a cheap ventilator that can save lives in medical emergency. A ventilator weighing 8 kg has been installed at the Civil Hospital, Surat for inspection. The cost of which is 50 thousand rupees. It weighs very little and can be easily manipulated. Perfect for moving patients to any location.

It is the first ventilator of its kind across India. But the Rupani government made Rajkot famous but the Surratt ignored it.

The ventilator can run for up to 6 hours even if the ventilator of the power is off. It has a 230 volt battery made in India. The company is in talks with the government to sell. SPTL has a capacity to produce 250 nangs per day.

Lakhs of people can be saved by having these ventilators in small rural or urban hospitals or service-operated hospitals.

Rajkot’s Dhaman-1 ventilator costs more than Rs 1 lakh. A is cheap and portable.