CM Rupani’s mistake, 60 lakh victims of blasting firecrackers, call army

Ahmedabad, 20 November 2020
In Ahmedabad, after the announcement of the lockout or curfew from 9am to 6pm Monday,  people have come to the market to shop. That’s why people associated with the pharmaceutical industry say hand over the army to Ahmedabad. Government and people do not want to improve.

welcomed Corona

Federation of Gujarat State Chemists and Druggists Association President Jashu Patel imposed a 15-day flower curfew in Ahmedabad and handed over Ahmedabad to the Army. The way matters are increasing day by day. It was the festival of Diwali. People have welcomed Corona with such a crowd. Corona cases were increasing everywhere in the country and abroad. Yet the public should not pay attention to what it should do.

curfew for 15 days

The government and the people have not received that cooperation. Ahmedabad should be handed over to the army after imposing a flower curfew for 15 days. Arrangements should be made for doctors and pharmacy-linked chemists.


After the announcement, there is a crowd of people in the market. People thronged the vegetable markets, marts and grocery stores to buy essential things of life.

The decision by the state government to start schools and colleges on November 23 has also been postponed following the rise in Corona’s case.

During Diwali and New Year, towns people did not follow the Corona Guidelines in markets and societies. The market was crowded due to Diwali and people could not maintain social distance. The only medicine or milk during curfew will be dairy. Shops will be open.

There have been more than 1340 cases of corona infection in Gujarat in the last 24 hours. Ahmedabad has emerged as the largest hotspot.

Government mistake
The government also made a big mistake by giving 2 hours discount for fireworks on Diwali, due to which people flocked in the market to buy fireworks. Fireworks burst in the society’s houses. The government may have given a relaxation of 2 hours, but the views of fireworks were seen in Ahmedabad for two days from morning till midnight. Government administration and the police kept watching it all like a silent spectator.

Two hundred thousand infectious patients
The state’s total infectious figures have now risen to 1,92,982. Of these patients, 1,76,475 have been cured. A total of 3830 infected people have died in the state so far. 12677 patients reported active.

So far, 46268 coronas have been recorded in Ahmedabad while the death toll from corona in the city has been 1953. The city’s largest civil special Kovid-19 hospital with a capacity of 1,200 beds has been expanded with 300 beds. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has provided an additional 900 beds in civil and other government hospitals.

An additional 300 doctors or medical students have been deployed. For the emergency service, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation arranged for 20 ambulances, which has now been increased to 40.

President of Ahmedabad Medical Association, Dr. Mona Desai believes that if people are still careless towards Corona, there will be no empty beds in hospitals in Ahmedabad in the near future.

About 40 per cent of the 2637 beds in government hospitals in Ahmedabad are still vacant, but the municipal administration does not want to be lax about Corona’s management.

The number of coronations in Surat has also crossed 40629, but the death toll here is 878. Ahmedabad is in the most dangerous state in this era of Corona epidemic.