Gave Volvo buses to foreigners, Gujarat workers were not even given food

Ahmedabad, 13 May 2020
In other countries, 137 students from Manila and 107 from USA, a total of 244 students arrived at Ahmedabad Sardar Patel International Airport on 12 May 2020.

The students were given a health check-up at the airport and taken to their preferred places. A special Volvo bus was provided to the students so that they would not face any problem. All their accommodation arrangements were ensured and they were sent to the hotels of their choice and to the places arranged by the state government. These students from Gujarat were sent to the selected districts at Ahmedabad Sardar Patel International Airport.

Thus, people from abroad who use Indian money abroad have been given better facilities. But when the laborers who were earning Gujarat went out, they were not given any facility of vehicle. Meals are not provided. The government has not given any money to the poor laborers.

Moreover, 39 students from Porbandar were waiting for hours at the Sola Mamlatdar’s office even though they were not taken care of or scanned.
Thus the BJP’s Rupani government is discriminating instead of treating its citizens equally.

Secretary Dhananjay Dwivedi, Secretary Tourism Mamta Verma and Ahmedabad District Development Officer Arun Mahesh were present on the arrival of the students.