People did not get the Ayurveda medicine that enhances immunity, another 7 tons by aircraft

Gandhinagar, 13 May 2020
The state government’s AYUSH regulatory body has given 1.79 crore doses of immunosuppressive vaccine to the citizens. A total of 13.30 lakh people have been given sansham and 1.5 crore people have been given arsenic album-30 potency. However, most of the medicine has been given to government officials. The drug has not reached the most of public.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had asked for door-to-door distribution of Ayurvedic medicines. But complaints that no one was found at home have been received from all over the place.
At that time, 7 tons of Ayurvedic medicine has been brought to Gujarat from the Central Government’s Ayurveda Pharmacy for the use of Ayurvedic medicines to boost the immune system.

In which, 2490 kg. Contains Sansham Vati, 1440 kg decimal decoction and 10 thousand kg AYUSH-64 capsules.

These drugs are to be taken for 7 days, 4.50 lakh people will be given.
In addition to treating Corona patients, there is also a global acceptance of boosting their immunity, while the use of Ayurvedic medicines to boost the immune system in the human body has increased.

Asymmetrical Ayurveda treatment is given to 1211 patients at Kovid Care Center in the state and 427 patients have even recovered.

Immune Ayukala nectar drink of Ayurveda is distributed in the state by 568 government Ayurveda hospitals and 38 hospitals.

Planned door-to-door distribution of Ayurvedic medicine – Sansham Vati and homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album-30 will be distributed to 2 lakh households in Ahmedabad.

Gujarat has provided an example of how such Ayurvedic medicines are proving to be effective even in the case of Corona virus infection. The government believes so.