Government’s decision to start schools and colleges in Gujarat from 23 November

Gandhinagar, 11 November 2020

It has been decided to start schools and colleges from November 23, 2020. Post-graduate, medical and paramedical classes will be started in the first phase in colleges and universities at the Gujarat Cabinet meeting. Also, only the final year classes will be started for graduation. Final Year and ITI Polytechnic colleges will also be operational from 23 November.

The online education system provided by schools and colleges will continue. Students have also been urged to follow the instructions of the Principal-Principal for organizing the event in a phased manner so that the school-college campus is not crowded.

For this purpose, the state government has asked for arranging aud evens i.e. three days a week for class 10th and 12th in the school and three days for 10 and 12 days as per requirement.

Students are also advised to come to school on scheduled days of the week and do homework on the remaining days.

This SOP will apply equally to all government, grant-in-aid and self-finance schools, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment as well as schools in the tribal development department of all boards of the state.

From next 26 November, PG, in addition to medical-paramedical, graduate final year classes will be started in Staud’s schools.

The government will announce later to take appropriate decisions in time to start academic work of the remaining classes — standards. Student attendance is not compulsory.

Institutions must also seek written consent of the student’s parents or guardians to come to school, it has been suggested. Each student will be asked to bring their own masks, water bottles, books, snacks etc. from home and not to interact with other students.

According to the revised seating arrangement in the class, there should be a distance of at least 3 feet between the two students. School-colleges have also been given SOPs to use computer halls, laboratories, libraries for arranging student rooms if the class size is small.

Before commencing school-colleges, sanitation facilities in each campus, checking of students with thermal guns, soap for washing hands and soaps have to be ensured. Not only social distance is maintained in the classroom and school-college premises, but the use of masks and the availability of medical services within close proximity of the school-college is also mandatory.

Group prayer – It is also advised not to do sports or any other group activity on the field. Parents will be encouraged to use their personal transportation to pick up and take the child from school. Students using public transport will be given appropriate precautionary guidance from the school.

The vehicle used as a school bus has been instructed to clean it at least twice a day and at the same time keep the window-glass of such vehicle open.

The school administrators, teachers, parents and students as well as the DEO shall take care of the compliance of the Government of India SOP.