‘Gujarat Contingency Fund’, what is fact ?

'Gujarat Contingency Fund', what is fact ?

Prof. Hemantkumar Shah

Famous journalist, writer, activist, economist of Gujarat

Whenever a major disaster comes, the government collects and uses the funds in this fund, but never gives millions of rupees. This is a direct violation of the principles of good governance such as transparency and accountability.

Now another serious issue
To constitute ‘Gujarat Contingency Fund’ as per Article-267-2 of the Constitution. In Gujarat, a law was enacted in 1960 for that. In this fund, the state government has to set aside a certain amount each year from its budget.
2 The Constitution states that the amount of this fund is to be used to meet any unexpected costs.
3 The Gujarat government has not even provided a single rupee in the contingency fund for the last 20 years! As if there is no disaster in Gujarat!
4 But under it, only a small amount of money is consumed.
5 Not a single rupee has been allocated for this fund in the current year’s budget of Rs.2.03 lakh crore! Not even a single rupee is for the contingency fund in the Rs.2.14 lakh crore budget of 2020-21!
6 Even ordinary people often collect separate savings to cope with emergencies, so why does the government not keep separate budgetary money in anticipation of disasters, despite the provision in the constitution?
7 If the current year’s budget of the state government is Rs.2.03 lakh crore, then two percent of the amount will also be Rs. 4000 crores! The government must have enough money to fight the Corona.
8 It is clear that the Gujarat government is violating the Constitution and the law by not holding contingency funds.