Patidar Reserve Movement Committee said on AAP’s victory in Surat – our  society has strength


Gandhinagar, 25 February 2021

The Aam Aadmi Party, which is contesting the Surat Municipal Corporation elections, has shocked everyone with its tremendous performance with the support of the Patidars. AAP has won 27 out of 120 seats in the Surat Metropolitan Municipality elections. With the support of the Patidar Reserve Movement Committee, the results turned to you instead of Congress.

After the results were declared on Tuesday, Dharmik Malviya, a leader of PAS Surat, said that today’s election result was a shock to the political parties and the politicians who loved them. In a democracy, people are always paramount. The way the electoral results have emerged in Surat has clearly shown the strength of the agitating youth. Congratulations to all the winning and losing candidates. Only fighters can win or lose. The implication is that their power can only occur when political parties use society or organizations only for their politics.

This is the strength of our organization and society. We have no pride or arrogance but we will certainly bow down to those who make us proud. It is worth noting that your victory in Surat is entirely due to the pass. If Congress had kept it, it would have benefited, but it did not. In the last elections, Congress got the support of the pass with the help of Hardik Patel. But this time the Congress could not meet the demand of only 2 seats and the Congress suffered and the Congress became extinct from Surat.