The cost of constructing a kilometre of footpath in Ahmedabad is Rs.52 lakh, the election is coming, BJP’s corruption

Amadavad, 30 September 2020

Construction of footpaths has started in Ahmedabad at a cost of Rs 200 crore. The Ahmedabad city elections will also raise funds later. The serious thing is that the BJP is collecting fines and taxes from the people of city, is spending wrongly. The cost of one kilometer of pavement will be Rs 52 lakh. Which is more than building a road. This money will be used to buy those who are in front of the BJP. The way legislators were bought during Amit Shah’s time.

Model road becomes dilemma

CG road is the very poor design of the pavements of the route, new pavements will be constructed at many places in Ahmedabad. The pavement will be constructed along a 418 km long cycle track for pedestrians. In Ahmedabad, 20 crore rupees is spent on pavements every year. This year it will be increased by 1000 percent to Rs 200 crore. From which BJP itself will bear the election expenses. They will use it to buy BJP workers from other parties.

No one can walk on the sidewalk

No cycle is run where there is a cycle track. Especially on the BRT route. Pavements not used for walking are used as parking lots to benefit torrent Power Company DP, Reliance Towers, Vodafone or Mobile Tower, Lorries and builders. People cannot run on it. Therefore these pressures must be removed before such a large expenditure can be incurred. Torrent power has an electrical DP every 500 meters. A mobile tower has been erected at a distance of about one kilometre so that pedestrians cannot easily walk on the pavement. The inaction of the AMC and the Police Department puts pressure on the pavement. Non-legal use of the pavement is also used as parking in all areas.

Sustainable path will break

Smart City Ahmedabad has pavements built on a permanent capacity of 50 years, they will be broken up and built into new pavements. Which will be 50 percent compared to the existing pavement. Ahmedabad should actually have 5 thousand kilometers of pavement. Its place is 2400 kilometers. The existing 113 km of pavements will be demolished and remodeled. The money that is being wasted. The width of the pavement will be 1.8 meters to 6 meters. The city has 2470 km of roads with 1200 km of pavements. The new design of the pavement will have a bicycle track and 3475 catchpits. 10 thousand trees will be planted.

Parking on pavements to benefit builders

The builders should have parking while constructing the roadside building. It has been sold for billions of rupees by building shops in parking lots. In which politicians have committed widespread corruption. Now BJP authorities can consider paying for and park on the pavement to benefit those builders. Parking plots have been built for the benefit of the builders in the name of building pavements. Instead of pedestrians all are parking on the sidewalks. As a result, pedestrians are forced to walk on the road. Pedestrians also face death. Ahmedabad’s failed project ‘Model Road’ has been completed once again at a cost of Rs 181 crore. (Translated from Gujarati)