Gujarat Railway Police launching online complain application

Gujarat Railway has become a ‘safe journey’ – mobile application by the police. In which the passengers traveling on the railway have started complaining online, but the police do not complain when people go to register a crime on the ground of Gujarat. It is legal for the police to file their grievances against anyone who wants to register a complaint. Not taken though. Therefore, it is now necessary to file a complaint online. Therefore, if any citizen wants to complain on-line in any place of Gujarat, it should not be an application that the Government of Gujarat is not willing to do and the Gujarat Police has started taking online complaint to the Railway Police. Therefore, the BJP government of every citizen of Gujarat is demanding that this right be given to them so that they can be protected and the police will be restrained.

Gujarat, State Home Minister Pradeep Jadeja said that launching an Android application. –
With the ‘Safe Travel’ mobile app developed by the Gujarat Railway Police, the travelers will be able to quickly find solutions to the many problems encountered during the journey. Who knows where to find if passengers have been looted, robbed, stolen, cheated, kidnapped, accidented on the train through this app? Where to file a complaint? Missing child on train, suspected items, drugs and alcohol trafficking, physical abuse, harassment or who to contact for help in the event of a Roman emergency? Who should complain if unauthorized persons enter the compartment? What to do if you suddenly need help while traveling on the train? Gujarat Railway Police has prepared a mobile app called ‘Safer Trip’ in view of the issues.

Criminals conduct a variety of crimes because people are unaware, and because of lack of awareness, the activities of criminals increase as some crimes are not registered.

The app will work in two ways. One is a public app and the other is a police app. The primary responsibility for the safety of all tourists will be fulfilled by ‘safe travel’. Travelers will be able to travel with ease. Instant help will be available on the go. It has features like Railway Traveler Complaint, Women Desk, Contact, Keeping Complainant Information, Track My Route, Feedback, Touch to Panic Function.

Police personnel will be able to perform the duties of train patrol effectively. Coolies, hawkers, attendants, other contacts and employees operating on the platform will be registered in this app. In which police officers will register Coolies, Coach Attendants and other contract based employees. The police officer / employee will be able to get the information immediately. Thereby controlling the entry of an unauthorized person into the coach. The railway will contain information about the perpetrators of crime. The track will be tracked by senior citizens traveling alone by pressing a button so the police will help them immediately. The Deputy Inspector General of Railways will keep a direct supervision regarding the duties and functions of patrolling personnel on the train and the complaints regarding the passengers.
The Safe Travel ‘app has created three admin panels to help travelers get 24 hours. The Western Railway will operate at Ahmedabad and Vadodara District Control and an admin panel at the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Railways Control. These police personnel will be monitoring the application 24 hours and notifying the men of the train patrol at the time of the passengers’ complaint. Along with this, the complainant will also contact the passenger and get feedback on the complaint. The app will receive responses from the passengers and will take necessary action in this regard.

Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner Ashish Bhatia, Railway DIG Gautam Parmar, SP Vadodara Railway, SP Ahmedabad Railway, DIG RPF Mumbai, ADRM Anantkumar Railway officials and employees were present on the occasion.