Gujarat – There has been a 25 per cent drop in Chili farming and a 30 per cent increase in prices

Gandhinagar, 30 November 2020

According to Madhupura Masala Bazaar, Ahmedabad, the price of red chilies has risen by at least 30% in Ahmedabad due to low crop and high demand. Estimates by Amadwad Madhupura Mahajan show that the wholesale price of red chillies has increased from Rs. 120 to Rs. 170 per kg this year. The wholesale price of red chillies has increased due to high demand and limited crop.

22051 tonnes of chillies are produced all over Gujarat, but this time due to late rains the chilli seeds have deteriorated 2 to 3 times. Therefore, production will continue to go below 20 thousand tons. Gondal will have reserves of 9,000 tonnes against 11000 tonnes this year.

In Gujarat, production was 22051 tonnes in 2019-20, with dry chilli cultivation on 11299 hectares. Against this, production in India was 17.64 lakh tonnes in 7.33 lakh hectares. India produces 2400 kg per hectare. The farmers of Gujarat get 1900 kg of produce. Gondal crops yield 2380 kg of chili per hectare. In Mehsana, 2000 kg of chilli is harvested per hectare. 2080 tonnes of chillies are harvested at Panchmahal. Gujarat has much lower productivity than the country. Planting is estimated to have declined by about 25 percent in 2020-21 due to poor seed quality.

Due to the low chilli crop, supplies are in short supply not only in Gujarat but also in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have been adversely affected due to the incessant rains.

The demand in the export market in Bangladesh has increased. There is 8-10 tons of chili daily. The chili trading season has now started. Gujarat chillies are planted and grown in December. The previous monsoon has caused a lot of damage to various vegetable crops including green chillies. This led to a big fall in the crop. Sowing has also been delayed for the current season. The varieties of red chillies are fetching good prices for the farmers.

Mehsana, Patan in Gujarat has the highest production of 2760 tonnes of chilli on 1380 hectares. The second is Dahod, which produces 2375 tonnes of chili on 1305 hectares. Thirdly, Surendranagar grows 2236 tonnes of chillies on 1118 hectares. Tapi is at number four where 2109 tonnes of dry chillies are grown on 1209 hectares. Rajkot-Gondal comes at number 5.

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Farmers in Gujarat know how to grow an average of 1.95 tonnes of maize per hectare. Gondal produces 1952 tonnes of chili on 820 hectares. There is 2.38 tonnes of chilli crop per hectare. In Mehsana, 2 tonnes of chillies are harvested per hectare. 2.08 tonnes of chillies are harvested in Panchmahal.